Celebrating Students ’13: Te’Rhon O’Neal

This summer I was able to work on the set of the new hit TV show on CBS, “NCIS: Los Angeles,” which is the spin-off to the IMG_1613original NCIS. This new show is starring Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J. It was a great experience to hang out on the set and see all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into an action TV show. I’ve been on other entertainment productions, but never an action TV show, so it was an interesting change up. Also because my mom is a part of production, I was able to meet all the actors and actresses.  It happened that one of the actors went to Wesleyan, and it was really cool to chat with him about his experience before I took off to Wes myself.

Donate to the Food Drive–Nov. 16-19





12-2 p.m. & 5-7 p.m.



Bring your non-perishable items to your class station at the Usdan stairway.

1 ticket/item—enter your class lottery for a fun prize!

Class that donates the most items gets a study break!

Academic Skills Workshops Sunday

The SARN peer advisors will hold three workshops on Sunday, Nov. 15. Please attend!  No reservation required.

thumbnailCAK12CRSExam Taking:  Students in this workshop will improve their exam-taking skills by learning about and trying several techniques. This is open to all class years, so come learn how to tackle the exams that will be waiting when you return from Thanksgiving break!  7:15 – 8:30 p.m., Woodhead Lounge, Exley Science Center

Time Management: If you have always pondered about how to balance your workload, how to juggle academics thumbnailCA7IZ161with co-curricular activities or how to wake up on time, then this workshop might be for you. Tips will be shared, so come and learn how you can better manage your time.  2:00 – 3:00 p.m., Usdan Center 114

thumbnailCA0I6DB4Study Skills: In this workshop, we will discuss different ways people learn, examine your study habits, review guidelines for improving your study strategies, and learn techniques for planning effective study groups.  7:00 – 8:00 p.m., Usdan Center 136

Lecture by Dr. Henry Lee, Forensics Expert

Dr Henry Lee: On Forensics and Foreignness

Henry Lee
Asian/Asian American (AAA) House presents an evening with forensic expert Dr. Henry Lee, who has worked on numerous high-profile crime cases, including the JonBenet Ramsey murder, the O.J. Simpson case, and the reinvestigation of John F. Kennedy’s assassination.
Dr. Lee was born in China and grew up in Taiwan, where he served in the police force. In 1965, he migrated to the U.S., furthering his studies and launching his career in forensic science. Today, he has helped to solve more than 6000 cases.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear about the personal and professional experiences of this renowned forensic science expert! Bring your questions, bring your friends. Reception to follow after event.

Date:   Nov. 16
Time:   7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Place:  Tishler Hall (Exley 150)


For more information about Dr. Henry Lee, please visit his personal website at http://www.drhenrylee.com


GOVT Dept.: Faculty Lunch Talks

The Government Majors Committee and the Government Department are sponsoring a series of lunch talks from noon to 1 p.m. beginning this Friday where professors will present their recent research. 

Nov. 13 – Professor Sarah Wiliarty    Albritton Center, top fl. Cafe
Twenty Years after the Wall: The German Elections of 2009

Nov. 20 – Professor Douglas Foyle     Butterfield C Lounge
October Surprises and Wagging the Dog: Do Upcoming Elections Affect Foreign Policy Decision Making?  

Dec. 4 – Professor Erica Chenoweth    Albritton Center, top fl. Cafe
The Politics of Terrorism: Non-State Actors and Political Violence in the 21st Century

Dec. 11 – Professor Anne Peters    Albritton Center, top fl. Cafe
Shadow Governments: Parallel Institutions, Public Goods, and State Power in Iraq

Lydia Tomkiw ’11
Government Majors Committee

Second Stage: Outreach Weekend and Open House

Calling all first year students!  Second Stage, Wesleyan’s student-run theater company presents

Outreach Weekend           November 12-14

Featuring dance, comedy, new work from student playwrights, and more!

Second Stage

Saturday, November 14 is Open House Day, from 1-5 p.m. – Come explore the Patricelli ’92 Theater, learn about Second Stage and Wesleyan student theater, and participate in workshops including “How to Put on a Show, “ “Stage Fighting Workshop,” and a “Stage Management Workshop.”

Whether you’re an actor, director, techie, playwright or new to theater entirely, Open House Day is great opportunity to learn the ropes of the Wesleyan student theater community – don’t miss out!

If you are an actor, dancer, singer, comedian, musician, magician, juggler or performer of any kind and would like to participate, email cdilello@wes to get on the lineup. See you in the ’92!

he ’92 Theater is located on College Row, between Judd Hall and the Memorial Chapel.

New NSM GenEd Course

MBB/Dance 108

Body Languages: Choreographing Biology  Spring 2010
Tuesday/Thursday 1:10-2:30 p.m.

MB&B and Dance, 1 Credit, NSM
Instructors: Manju Hingorani, Associate Professor, MB&B
Katja Kolcio, Associate Professor, Dance

The course will present an introduction to human biology from the cellular to organismal level.  This subject will be examined through scientific and choreographic perspectives.  Students will have the opportunity to practice movement awareness and learn basic principles of choreography, and will apply these skills to exploration of human biology.  Each class will involve lecture, discussion and movement components.

Required Texts:
Alberts et al., Essential Cell Biology ,3rd Edition, Garland Science Press.
Foster, Susan, Reading Dancing: Bodies and Subjects in Contemporary Dance, Wesleyan University Press.
Select additional readings and video viewings.

thumbnailCABFMIXMInterpretation: This course requires students to develop their ability to interpret, investigate and communicate the subject of biology through physical movement study and choreographic composition.

Designing, Creating and Realizing:  This course requires students to actualize their understanding and investigation of biology through the completion and performance of a series of movement studies and dance compositions.  Their work will culminate in a final choreographic project that demonstrates thorough comprehension and analysis of course material. Students will learn various methods and paradigmatic approaches to movement invention, composition and performance as a medium for the investigation of biology.

Exams and Assignments: Short papers, movement studies, 1-2 written exams and a final performance project.

Thursday: Writing Workshop with Grammar Man

Curious about when to use a semi-colon? Take action!


 Come to the:

Kinesthetic Grammar Workshop to learn how to improve your command over grammar

using action figures, basketballs and paper airplanes.

Thursday, November 12, 5 p.m. 

Shapiro Creative Writing Center (3rd fl., Albritton Center)

Sponsored by the Writing Workshop

Withdrawal Deadline: 11/19 — 5 p.m.

Thursday, November 19 at 5 p.m. is the last day to withdraw from courses this semester.  Make sure you know how thumbnailCAIGEVKPyou are doing in each of your classes, what your credit situation is, and what is the appropriate course of action for you.  A “W,” which will be listed on your transcript, is a neutral notation for Wesleyan, meaning that it is not included in your grade point average.  You should talk with your instructor and faculty advisor as well as to your class dean, all of whose signatures are needed on the withdrawal form, which you can get from the Registrar’s Office or your class dean.

First-year Focus: Pre-registration

Thinking about what courses to take in the spring  semester?

Trying to figure out possible majors and gateways?

Have questions about FYIs?  General Education? Essential Capabilities?  

Exploring the curriculum?

 First-year Focus

Drop by Usdan 108 on November 11, 2009

6:15pm-7:15 p.m.

 Get YOUR questions answered by

Dean Brown, Registrar Anna van der Burg, and Peer Advisors.

Snacks provided with an opportunity to win a gift card to Broad Street Books!