GOVT Dept.: Faculty Lunch Talks

The Government Majors Committee and the Government Department are sponsoring a series of lunch talks from noon to 1 p.m. beginning this Friday where professors will present their recent research. 

Nov. 13 – Professor Sarah Wiliarty    Albritton Center, top fl. Cafe
Twenty Years after the Wall: The German Elections of 2009

Nov. 20 – Professor Douglas Foyle     Butterfield C Lounge
October Surprises and Wagging the Dog: Do Upcoming Elections Affect Foreign Policy Decision Making?  

Dec. 4 – Professor Erica Chenoweth    Albritton Center, top fl. Cafe
The Politics of Terrorism: Non-State Actors and Political Violence in the 21st Century

Dec. 11 – Professor Anne Peters    Albritton Center, top fl. Cafe
Shadow Governments: Parallel Institutions, Public Goods, and State Power in Iraq

Lydia Tomkiw ’11
Government Majors Committee