Bookstore Relocation Forum 11/27 at 4:30 p.m.


Dear students, 

Just a reminder that there is a bookstore relocation open forum tomorrow, Tuesday, November 27 at 4:30 pm.  We moved the forum’s location to PAC 001; Centerplan, the developers, will make a presentation.  Additional information regarding the possible bookstore relocation was posted last Tuesday on the blog at

Thanks, Andrew Wexler, Chair, Finance and Facilities Committee

Last Minute Research Assistance!


Omigod the semester’s almost over and I haven’t even started on any of my papers!!! 
Okay, take a deep breath, don’t panic. I think I remember something about librarians being available to help me find resources for writing my papers and preparing my presentations. Now, what was it I heard about that? Oh yes, they offer something they call Personal Research Sessions. All I have to do is go to (or just look for it on the library’s home page at in the Help box). Then I fill out the form to tell them who I am, what I’m working on, and when I’m available to meet with a librarian. Then a subject specialist will contact me to set up a meeting, and show me lots of great resources for getting everything I need to write my papers, and even how to use interlibrary loan to get things the library doesn’t own. And if I have waited until too late in the semester to rely on interlibrary loan, they can help me find things already in the library that I might have overlooked. Ah, I can breathe again! 

– Kendall Hobbs, Library Instruction Coordinator (khobbs, x3962)

Senior Thesis Writers: Apply to Work with a Thesis Mentor!

Starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by your senior thesis? You’ve been researching for months, collecting data and structuring your thoughts, but soon you actually have to start writing the thesis. And when I say soon, I mean really soon. As in this weekend. (Seriously.)

But don’t panic! You still have plenty of time to write an honors-worthy manuscript, as long as you get started soon and stay organized. The other big favor you can do for yourself? Sign up for a thesis mentor!

Your thesis mentor will work with you throughout the spring semester, meeting as regularly as you’d like to discuss any and all aspects of your thesis. Your mentor can discuss ideas with you to help structure your argument, look over that one chapter that isn’t clicking, and even read through your whole thesis before you turn it in (something your advisor might not do!). It’s incredibly beneficial to partner with someone who can keep you on task and track the development of your thesis over time.

To apply for a thesis mentor, fill out this form by Friday, November 16 at 5 PM. Please note that this is a very popular program and while we do our best to help everyone, we will likely not have the resources available to pair every applicant with a mentor. Therefore, we suggest that you both apply early and make a good case in your application for why you would like to work with a mentor!

If you have any questions about the thesis mentor program, please direct them to Ford Fellow Emma Mohney at (860) 265-2440 or

Thesis/Essay Writers: Library Research Services

The library is offering workshops on research sources and interlibrary loan and other services for seniors writing a thesis or an essay. Sessions will be offered on Monday 9/24, Tuesday 9/25, Wednesday 9/26, and Thursday 9/27  at 11:00, 1:00, and 3:00 each day. No need to sign up ahead of time. Choose a date and time convenient for you and join a group for a 45 minute info session at Olin Library’s reference office. Attendees will be granted expanded interlibrary loan privileges.


Apply to be a Writing Tutor! Apps due 4/23

 Improve your writing, help other students with theirs, and impress the whole world with your skills.

The Writing Workshop is currently hiring tutors and mentors for the 2012-2013 academic year!

As a writing tutor, you will receive one course credit in English and a $400 stipend for one semester’s work. All tutors are trained in ENGL 491, the Ford Teaching Seminar, which meets weekly on Tuesdays from 12-1pm. Students from all majors are encouraged to apply.

The pre-application, which consists of a brief online questionnaire, is due Monday, April 23 at 5 pm.

The full application is due Monday, April 30 at 5 pm and is to be delivered to Professor Greene’s office in hard copy (Downey House Room 207).

To learn more or apply, please visit:


Questions?   Contact Professor Anne Greene at x3604 and, or Ford Fellows Anya Backlund and Katherine Mechling at x2440 and

Library looking for Student Opinions about Resources and Services

The library is looking for students to participate in one of two focus group discussions to help gather information about current library resources and services.  Free food will be provided for those who join in.  You can sign up for either Thursday evening, April 19, at 6:00 (which includes dinner) or Friday afternoon, April 20, at 12:30 (which includes lunch).  These conversations should take no more than an hour.  Space is limited, so we can only take the first 15 students who respond. To join either group, or if you need further information, please contact Andrew Klein,, on or before Tuesday, April 17.

The Writing Workshop — Drop-in & Appointment Hours

Four eyes are better than two. Visit a tutor at Wesleyan’s Writing Workshop!

At the Writing Workshop, students can meet privately with a trained tutor who will help with any stage of the writing process. Come in to discuss ideas for an upcoming assignment, to structure your essay, or to edit a completed draft.

Our tutors are experienced fellow students who are here to serve as non-judgmental readers and helpful critics. They will listen, ask questions, and offer advice about your writing.

Whether you’re working on an essay, a research proposal, an honors thesis, a creative piece, or an internship application, the Writing Workshop can help! All services are free.

Drop-in Hours:

Sunday-Thursday, 7-11 PM                        Olin 106 (First Floor)

Appointment Hours:

Monday-Wednesday, 1-4 PM                     Shapiro 306 (Third Floor of Allbritton)


Sunday-Thursday, 7-11 PM                        Shapiro 306 (Third Floor of Allbritton)

                                                                         Science Library 77 (Basement) 

To make an appointment, click on “Writing Workshop” in the Academic Resources section of your E-Portfolio. 

For more information, visit:

We look forward to working with you!

Anya Backlund and Katherine Mechling, Ford Fellows in the Writing Programs, 103 and 104 Downey House, (860) 685-2440,

Anne Greene, Director of Writing Programs, 207 Downey House, (860) 685-3604,

Desperate Times

By Peer Advisor, Jelisa Adair from

I think I can speak for quite a few people when I say this has been a hard semester. I myself can say quite honestly that after the October Break/Blackout fiasco, I lost a whole lot of my drive. However this is not the time to let the malaise of the semester get to you. It’s time to go hardcore and finish this semester out right. And I am here to help.

1. Facebook
Facebook is the devil. It is. If you are like me, you have found yourself intending to just check your notifications, only to realize that three hours have past and you have spent them all staring at pictures of your friends doing incredibly stupid things. Three hours that could have/should have/ostensibly would have been spent on more worthwhile things like that five page paper that’s due tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. And so it’s time to get nasty with your Facebook and show it who’s boss.

Tip #1: Actually use your time blocking software
Remember my posts about StayFocusd and LeechBlocker (which, due to craziness was just posted on Sunday) ? Maybe it’s time to revisit them. Limit your time to between 10-20 minutes.

Tip #2: Change your password
Remember, the title of this post is desperate measures. I will admit something, while I used StayFocusd on my Google Chrome browser, I had no time blocker on my other internet browser, Safari. So sometimes, when time ran out on Chrome, I just used Safari and kept blissfully wasting time away. But then I took a desperate measure. I closed my eyes and typed gibberish into a word document and then copy and pasted it to change my Facebook password. I then logged into my Facebook only on Chrome and then deleted the word document keeping my nonsensical password. Just like that, I couldn’t access my Facebook on any laptop other than my own on any browser but the one monitored by StayFocusd. I requested a new password just before break, but plan to use this tip again in the very near future.

Another option: Have a good friend change your password. My two housemates do this every finals week and even go so far as changing the email associated with the account so that the other cannot change their passwords back. Hardcore? Yes. Effective? You know it.

2. Unplug
There comes that time when you need to distance yourself from the distraction that is your cell phone. Whether this means not taking it to the library with you at all, turning it off, or even just putting it on silent (not vibrate, silent), any way to minimize the distractions of other people putting off their work can be incredibly helpful. I know it’s hard. Our generation is not used to being cut off from people for long periods of time. But you know that feeling of superiority you get by making people wait a long time for your texts? Harness that and remember that if people really want to get a hold of you, they will find a way. Or they will just wait.

3. Gmail chat
You are just signed into your email waiting for an email from a professor or just to answer a few emails quickly. And then someone im’s you. Fast forward to an hour later with you half-heartedly doing work while being annoyed by those little beeps that signal an im.
STOP. Go invisible. Not ‘Do not disturb’ because no one listens to those anyways. INVISIBLE.

4. Netflix
As a tour guide, I like to tell all the visitors on my tour to never get instant Netflix. Because as awesome as it is to wake up from a daze in which you have watched an entire season of Glee or Law and Order: SVU, it is actually a horrible feeling of regret and sorrow. Time block it for 45 minutes, enough time to watch one episode or two of a sit-com. Change your password. Suspend your account. ANYTHING. Just don’t let yourself get sucked in.

5. The Internet
Sometimes the internet itself can just be a big wide world of distractions. If you don’t need the internet, use one of the Exley classrooms to work since they have horrible internet reception.

I know. These sound extreme, but trust me, in the end, it’s worth it.  Now excuse me as I go take some of my own advice!

a Adair