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I am thrilled to be Wesleyan’s new Muslim Chaplain; I have already begun to fall in love with the campus community. I believe that we are all created as brothers and sisters, and my doors are open to all and not just the Muslim community. I personally feel enriched by seeing our campus community happy, […]

I am very excited to be Wesleyan’s new Protestant Chaplain and have thoroughly enjoyed becoming part of this amazing community.  As a marine scientist turned clergywoman, I truly value the importance of caring for ourselves and others holistically, considering the physical, mental, and spiritual.  I aspire to be a safe, open, non-judgmental listener who is […]

Photos from the Cinco de Mayo Third Year Yard Party, with many thanks to the 2013 class council and ResLife.     

Alanna Greco–Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain Alanna Greco–Rodin Museum, Paris, France Alanna Greco–Sacre Coeur, Paris, France Alanna Greco–The Louvre, Paris, France

Ginah Kim–Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic Ginah Kim–Palace of Versailles, France Ginah Kim–Rome, Italy Ginah Kim–Venice, Italy

Ian Waldron–Kids walking home from school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil near Ian’s place Ian Waldron–Deserted resort stumbled upon when hiking in a south Atlantic rainforest Rory O’Neill–with Noah Schlesinger at Machu Picchu, Peru

Audrey Kiely–Shakespeare Properties, Stratford, England Audrey Kiely–Shakespeare Properties, Stratford, England Audrey Kiely–Chilies at the Marketplace, Barcelona, Spain Audrey Kiely–The Tanneried, Morocco

Janet Cushey–on Ulleung Island Janet Cushey–in traditional Korean wedding outfit in traditional village of Weamri Janet Cushey–with Congressman Sun-beom Shin

I spent my summer interning with Yale Professor Nihal deLanerolle, who also teaches Neuroscience courses at Wesleyan.  After taking his class, “Functional Anatomy of the Brain,” I became interested in his research involving temporal lobe epilepsy and worked in his lab this past summer at the neurosurgery department of the Yale University School of Medicine.  […]

Taran Catania–Taran with her Maasai family in Ngare Sero, Tanzania Taran Catania–Taran’s campsite at Enashiva Nature Refuge, Tanzania Taran Catania–Freshly-squeezed sugar cane juice, Zanzibar

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