Have a Great Summer!

Happy end of finals!

You have completed your junior year!!


 Have a fabulous summer and see you in the fall!




Reading Week is from Thurs., May 10 – Mon., May 14

Final Exams are Tues., May 15 – Fri., May 18

University housing closes Sat., May 19 at noon


Five Year Academic Calendar Survey

Dear Students,

Please help decide Wesleyan’s next five-year academic calendar by completing the brief survey you received from Michael Whitcomb on April 11, titled “Help decide Wesleyan’s future Academic Calendar.”  The Educational Policy Committee is soliciting input from students, faculty, librarians, and staff in order to design a calendar best suited to the community’s preferences.  Considerations include: semester start and end dates, length and timing of breaks, and final exams and reading period.

Feel free to email mjarris@wesleyan with any additional questions or concerns.

Best, Mari Jarris ’14 and Aubrey Hamilton ’12, WSA Student Reps, Educational Policy Committee

And so…




HAVE A GREAT BREAK—relax and enjoy!


If you are leaving for Thanksgiving Break…

Hi everyone, 

If you’re leaving campus for Thanksgiving Break, take a few minutes to reduce energy consumption and save the school some money. Here are some suggestions: 

Unplug electronics and appliances (TVs, computers, chargers, microwaves, etc.).

Turn off your lights and alarm clocks before you leave.

Close your windows.

Turn down your thermostats, if you can.

Unplug and clean out your fridge, because your food will likely go bad anyways. You can donate your food to the Middletown Chapter of Food not Bombs by emailing this address: fnbmiddletown@lists.riseup.net, or give your food to your friends that are staying on campus.

Have a great break!!  WSA Sustainability Task Force 

Any questions, comments:  Rebecca Rubenstein ’15, rrubenstein@wesleyan.edu,  WSA Sustainability Task Force Chair


Be Sure to Pre-register for Spring 2012!

2013’ers–You all know what to do…!  Meet with your advisor NOW!! 

PRE-REGISTRATION [picking & approving of course plan] = Now through Monday, November 14 at 5pm

SCHEDULING [the computer system scheduling your courses is based on class standing, major preference, seat availability, the number of times you have previously requested the course and, when appropriate, whether you have met the prerequisites or have the permission of the instructor] = Tuesday, November 15

**Probably by Tuesday evening you’ll be able to see what courses you were scheduled for by the computer**

ADJUSTMENT [going through wesmaps and adding courses with seats still still available] = Staggered start times depending on how many courses you got. Those with 0-1 courses go at 8am on Wednesday, November 16 (you will receive an email indicating what time your adjustment starts)

DROP/ADD? Start of next semester!

Spring 2012 Pre-registration Instructions

Juniors:  Make sure that you meet with your major advisor to review major requirements and plan your course of study in conjunction with your Major Certification Form.  As always, check your credit analysis for oversubscription in a department or other category as well as for your progress on other graduation requirements.  –Dean Brown
The below outlines what you need to do, helpful resources, and important deadlines for Spring 2012 pre-registration. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of the pre-registration system to ensure satisfaction with your schedule.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  –Paul H. Turenne, Associate Registrar, 860-685-2352
Planning:  8:30am Tues., Nov. 1 thru 5pm Mon., Nov. 14
Scheduling:  Tues., Nov. 15
Adjustment:  8am Wed., Nov. 16 thru 5pm Tues., Nov. 22  (Your start time will be listed in your portfolio.)
Help Line – x3222 from 8:30am to 5pm, Mon.-Fri.

Letter – https://wesfiles.wesleyan.edu/departments/Reg/Pre-Registration/Public/preregstudentletter.pdf

FAQs – http://www.wesleyan.edu/registrar/registration/pre_registration_students_faq.html

Manual – https://wesfiles.wesleyan.edu/departments/Reg/Pre-Registration/Public/preregmanual.pdf

Between 8:30am on Tues., Nov. 1 and 5pm on Mon., Nov. 14 you MUST:
1) Create a course plan, including ranked course selections via EP>Student>Course Registration>Pre-Registration. 

2) Electronically submit Permission of Instructor and Prerequisite Override requests to the instructors through your portfolio.

3) confirm your Fall 2011 schedule in EP>Student>Wesleyan Career>Current Classes & Schedule before 5pm on Mon., Nov. 14 in order to be build a pre-reg plan. (Not applicable to students returning from leave or abroad.)

4) meet with your faculty advisor to finalize your course plan before 5pm on Mon., Nov. 14. (Students returning from leave or abroad also need advisor finalization, but a meeting is not required.)

1) Adding a course to your plan does not guarantee you a seat in the course.

2) If you are scheduled into your top ranked class, the system will proceed down list A. If you do not get your first choice, the system will proceed down list B. You should list courses in both columns, and there should be some overlap between the A and B columns.
3) On Tues., Nov. 15, the pre-registration system will run a scheduling program enrolling students into courses. The system will look at: rank, class year/major, number of previous requests, number of courses already scheduled, completed pre-requisites, permission of instructor status, and, all things equal, a random number.

4) Later that day, in your portfolio, you will be able to preview your preliminary schedule and ascertain what time you may begin adjustment. Based on the number of scheduled full credit courses (those with fewer enrolled credits go first), you may participate beginning as early as 8am Wed., Nov. 16. Adjustment will close at 5pm on Tues., Nov. 22.