BluePrint Roundtable For Men of Color, Saturday, April 13

Question Bridge is an innovative transmedia art project that facilitates a dialogue between a critical mass of Black men from diverse and contending backgrounds, and creates a platform for them to represent and redefine the black male identity in America.

When filming Question Bridge, the artists encountered a compelling question and answer exchange between a younger participant and an older Civil Rights Activist. The Question: “Why didn’t you leave us a blueprint?” sparked an attempt for multi-generational roundtable discussions.

Hence, the Blueprint Roundtable was born. The Invisible Men BluePrint Roundtable invites established black and latino male leaders and emerging black and latino male leaders in the local community to discuss the question of a “blueprint” in an attempt to dismantle boundaries between black and latino males across generations. The program aims to identify communication barriers and facilitate the transfer of information between men; and to isolate local issues that require leadership from the next generation and lessons learned and principles that can be passed from the older generations.

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And our Twitter: @WesInvisibleMen


April Convocation! DFC, April 2 at 4 p.m.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Convocation

(Asian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, Queer, & Disability Rights)

Usdan Daniel Family Commons ~ 4:00PM

Come enjoy some light refreshments as students, staff and faculty share their personal stories on their identities, discuss what April means and its importance today and into the future!

Opening Address – Queer Resource Center Interns
Student Reflection – Taylor Dauphin (Class of 2015
Student Reflection – Ashe Kilbourne (Class of 2014)
Staff Reflection – Kora Shin (Assistant Dean of Admissions)

Student Reflection – JJ Mitchell (Class of 2015)

Closing Address – Queer Resource Center Interns

 Michael Leung & Katy Thompson, Queer Resource Center Interns

GLASS Prize — Entries due April 12

Announcing the 2013 GLASS Prize!

The GLASS (Gay, Lesbian, and Sexuality Studies) Prize is awarded for the best research and writing on a subject in queer, trans, LGBT, or sexuality studies. The prize is open to Wesleyan undergraduate students in all classes; senior essays and theses are preferred. The award includes no cash benefit, but the winner’s name will be published in the 2013 Commencement booklet.

Entries must be submitted in hard copy by 4pm on April 12 to the Center for the Americas (look for the bin labeled “GLASS Prize” in the downstairs hallway).

If you have any questions, please contact Margot Weiss (



Martin Luther King Celebration Day: Films and Discussions — This Fri., Feb. 1

Friday, February 1, 2013 

If you have no classes, please participate!

Session I: 10 a.m. to noon. Choose among:

Film Screening & Discussion: Cracking the Code: The System of Racial Inequity

Facilitators:  Dr. Shakti Butler & Dr. Sonia Mañjon, Location: Usdan 108

Film Screening & Discussion: Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible

Facilitators: Professor Sarah Mahurin & Professor Lois Brown, Location:  Usdan Multi-purpose Room

Exploring Privilege by Examining Socialization

Facilitators: Tanya Bowers ’94 & members of the Wesleyan Diversity Education Facilitation Program (WesDEFs),  Location: Fayerweather Theater Rehearsal Room

Inside-Out & Outside-In: A Creative Identity & Ally Workshop

Facilitators: Elisa Cardona & Joanne Rafferty, Location: Usdan 110

Session II: 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Choose among:

Film Screening & Discussion: Cracking the Code: The System of Racial Inequity

Facilitators: Dr. Shakti Butler & Dr. Sonia Mañjon, Location: PAC 001

Film Screening & Discussion: Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible

Facilitators: Professor Sarah Mahurin & Professor Lois Brown, Location: PAC 002

Exploring Privilege by Examining Socialization

Facilitators: Tanya Bowers ’94 & WesDEFs, Location: Fayerweather Theater Rehearsal Room

Inside-Out & Outside-In: A Creative Identity & Ally Workshop

Facilitators: Elisa Cardona & Joanne Rafferty, Location: Usdan 110

 Keynote Address: Dr. Shaki Butler — Memorial Chapel, 3:15 p.m.

Dessert Reception to follow in the Zelnick Pavilion

 The entire Wesleyan community is invited, but space is limited and we ask you to please register at

Sponsored by Academic Affairs, the Office of Diversity and Institutional Partnerships, the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development, the Office of Residential Life and the Wesleyan Student Assembly

Help with Diversity Week at Middletown High School — May 2

Please see below for the details about Diversity Week at Middletown High School. I’ve signed up as a speaker, and I hope you will consider doing so as well.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to enrich the lives of local students in just one hour, but it can only succeed if we get enough speakers to enable meaningful personal connections and small group discussions.
Thanks!  Allegra Stout


Middletown High School has a long tradition of supporting diversity in our community.  As part of that tradition, for the last several years MHS has hosted a Diversity Week devoted to raising awareness and encouraging acceptance of diversity.  To that end, the school has sought to bring in speakers who can share personal experiences that are relatable to our students and provide insights regarding the issue of celebrating, rather than fearing, diversity.  This year MHS is planning its biggest coordinated effort yet.  The school hopes to bring in 50 different speakers, discussing a variety of different experiences from a multitude of different backgrounds, to share their stories and highlight the beauty of diversity.  Every student in the building will have the opportunity to select and listen to a speaker/topic of individual interest.  This ambitious event requires a great deal of coordination, and we need help attracting and lining up speakers. 

 The details of the event are:   When: May 2nd from 9-10am     Where: Middletown High School

Format: One speaker for twenty five kids in a classroom setting with two faculty members to assist, for approximately 50 minutes of discussion.

Who: Anyone who has a story to share and inspire kids? Specific areas of diversity include race, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic, physically handicapped, learning disabled, sexual orientation, gender, military service, political, or anything else that might relate to diversity or discrimination.

What is essential to this task is that we have the required number of speakers to be successful.  If you know anyone who would be willing to participate in our event and volunteer their time to speak with kids for a worthy cause, please contact Trevor Charles at



Social Justice Conference — April 21! Register now to participate or present a session!

Social Justice Leadership Conference:  

The Social Justice Leadership Conference (SJLC) is a collaborative effort which provides a space for students, student groups, community members, alumni, faculty, and staff to discuss social justice and to learn and refine leadership skills. SJLC seeks to empower its participants to create change by applying the skills and knowledge acquired during the conference.

Students, student groups, alumni, community members, faculty and staff facilitate sessions in their area of interest or expertise. Sessions focus on leadership skills that may be applied to any social movement and on the many manifestations of injustice and how participants can be involved in creating change.  SJLC provides participants with resources and opportunities for engagement on campus, in Middletown, in Connecticut and across the globe.

Register Here

Ariya: African Culture Show 4/7

Wesleyan African Student Association presents: ARIYA: The African Culture Show.

Please come and support ASA on April 7th, 2012 at the World Music Hall for their annual culture show.

The show will feature acts like SUYA, among others and there will be a motivational guest speaker.

The culture show is from 7-9 pm and tickets are on sale at the box office.

Come, and immerse yourself in African culture!