ResLife Issues–in case you missed the e-mail…

Dear Students,

We are receiving a lot of questions about cable, lockouts, parking, and room condition reports. Please see below for more information and important links to assist you with each:

Students who are looking for contact information for cable installation, the contact information can be found here:

Public Safety and Residential Life are experiencing a high volume of lockouts and we want to remind students to remember their keys, especially if their room door locks automatically.  The lockout and lost key procedures can be found:

Information about parking can be found here:

Room Condition Reports
Below you will find the information from Facilities about completing your Room Condition report and other information about living in your new residence:

Wesleyan University Facilities:  Welcome to your new home for the upcoming academic year. In order for you to have a safe and comfortable experience we ask that you do the following three things:

1) Inspect your room and report if furniture is missing or if something is damaged by going to . This Room Condition Report will generate a work order for us to remedy the issue and will also protect you from being charged for damages at the end of the year. Submit this report within five (5) days after you check in. Please do not submit a report if your room is in good condition.

2) Read the Physical Plant Housing Guidelines and Fines by going to www.wesleyan.edulpplant/fams.html. Here you will find information that could save you money just by following a few simple policies. For example:

a) If you paint a wall in your room you will be fined $250.

b) If you remove furniture from your room you will be charged for the cost to replace the furniture at the end of the year.

3) Please read the Campus Fire Safety Department’s Fire Safety Guidelines by going to www.wesleyan.edulfiresafety/. You and your neighbor will live in a safer environment and save money by following policies found here. For example you will be fined $100 for:

a) Having a candle or incense in your room (no exceptions).

b) Having a cooking device, other than a microwave oven, in your room.

Thank you for your cooperation with these procedures and University policies!

Please let us know if you have any additional questions, The Office of Residential Life Staff

Thanks to the OLs and RAs/HMs

Many thanks to all the sophomore Orientation Leaders and Residential Life staff who helped to make New Student Orientation such a success! 

The ResLife staff includes sophomores Malik Ben-Salahuddin, Claire Choi, Ethan Cohen, Amara Davila, Phabinly Gabriel, Taylor Harbison, Sydney Hausman-Cohen, Hira Jafri, Bryce Hollingsworth, Allison Kalt, Bertram Lim, Christian McLaren, Abraham Ngu, Yuki Ohmori, Daniel Packard, Jiovani Robles, George Russell, Pat Salazar, Eric Stephen, Isaiah Sypher, and Howard Tobochnik.

The Orientation Leaders in 2013 are Francis Chien, Genelle Faulkner, Ethan Grund, Corey Guilmette, Shinekwa Kershaw, Lina Mamut, Ague Ortega, Caitlin Palmer, Jessica Samuel, Gavin Swee, Reese Sy, Afi Tettey-Fio, Nandita Vijayaraghavan, Nathan Wang and Bing Wu.

Thanks also to all those sophomores who helped on move-in day. 

The week would not have been as successful were it not for the hard work and energy of all!

Moving In

For those of you moving in tomorrow, Saturday, think about what it was like at this time last year.  What a difference a year makes!  I was talking with a sophomore yesterday who said how excited she was to get back to Wes and how great it felt to be returning to a familiar place.  Pretty cool.

Good luck with move-in and welcome back!  I look forward to a great year!

Waste Not’s Campus Tag Sale — 9/4 & 9/5

Waste Not! is an EON (Environmental Organizers Network)-sponsored effort run by the Sustainability Interns to reduce unnecessary waste during move-out and encourage items to be recycled from year to year.  At the end of the spring semester, EON collects unwanted items and then, in the fall, we hold a HUGE tag sale to sell those items back to the community, thereby keeping valuable items out of the landfill and in circulation. Proceeds from the sale will go to local charities and Sustainability at Wesleyan.  We’ll be holding the sale September  4 and 5 from 1-5 p.m. each day at the Spurrier-Synder Hockey Rink in the Freeman Athletic Center. It’s always an amazing event and everything goes quickly, so arrive as early as possible!

If you have any questions regarding the tag sale or sustainability at Wesleyan, feel free to shoot us an email at  We look forward to seeing you all there!! 

Miles Bukiet ’11, Francesca Jones ’12, Sustainability Interns

Campus Culture: WES Acronyms

92:  92 Theater, right next to Memorial Chapel     Argus:  Wesleyan student newspaper     CFA:  Center for the Arts     COL:  College of Letters     CRC:  Career Resources Center     CSS:  College of Social Studies     DFC:  Daniel Family Commons, 3rd floor Usdan     Drop-Add:  A period of time right after school starts, where you can add new classes or drop unwanted ones     FGSS:  Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program     Fisk:  Building on High Street where most language courses take place     Foss Hill:  The big slope right next to Andrus Field where you sit and chill with friends on a sunny afternoon or slide down in winter     Freeman:  Freeman Athletic Center OR Freeman East Asian Center     Helpdesk:  Part of ITS, people located in Science Center 116 who will save your computer     Hir/Zir: thumbnailCAY6FQQLGender neutral possessive pronoun     IMS:  Instructional Media Services, branch of ITS, all sorts of media-related services on campus, i.e. video-taping events, recording classes, etc.     ITS:  Information Technology Services     MB&B:  Molecular Biology & Biochemistry     MoCon:  McConaughy Hall, round, UFO-shaped building sitting behind Hewitt, former student cafeteria until end of Spring 2007     Neon:  Neon Deli, run by Fran and Cynthia on corner of Cross St. and Vine St., a favorite place if you’re stuck on campus with nothing open and no food supplies     The Nics:  one of the four Nicolson res halls on Foss Hill     OBHS:  Office of Behavioral Health for Students     PAC lab:  Computer lab located on the ground floor of PAC     PAC:  Public Affairs Center, where Economics, History, Government, Sociology & CSS have their department offices     Pi:  Pi-Café, located in Science Center     P-safe:  Public Safety     S&C:  Star & Crescent restaurant located in Alpha Delt     SALD:  Student Activities and Leadership Development, supports students and student groups, another resource for event budgets     SBC:  Student Budget Committee, a WSA committee in charge of allocating the student activities fund that holds weekly meetings so student groups can go and submit budget requests for upcoming events     Science Center (ESC):  Exley Science Center     Sci-Li:  Short for “Science Library,” located in Exley Science Center     SJB:  Student Judicial Board     ST Lab:  24-hour computer lab on ground floor Science Center     Summerfield:  Student dining facility located in the Butterfield courtyard     TEV:  Transfer, Exchange and Visiting students     The Butts: Butterfield res halls     The Market Place:  Student dining area on 2nd floor Usdan     The Ride:  Campus shuttle that runs from 7pm-4am     Usdan:  Campus center     Wesleying:  Wesleyan student-run blog     WesMap:  Online course schedule     WesShop:   Grocery store on campus where you can get anything from toothpaste, oatmeal, microwave food, fresh produce to kitchenware for only points and cash     WestCo:  West College res hall     WesWings:  Restaurant on High Street opposite the Butts, serves chicken wings and other yummy foods, only accepts points and cash     WSA:  Wesleyan Student Assembly     Ze:  Gender neutral pronoun     Zelnick:  Zelnick Pavilion, glass box connecting Memorial Chapel and 92 Theater, exhibitions and events are held there

The Orientation Interns

Congrats, Grads! Moving on….


Congratulations to all those who had late high school graduations in the past couple of weeks!  Congrats too to those whose graduations were much earlier and have been “alums” for the last month or so! It’s a big deal finishing up 13 years (more or less) of schooling and you all accomplished much during that time.  I’m sure you are taking the summer to work or volunteer, to hang out with friends and family, and are making the most of this time as you gear up for your move to Wesleyan.  We are thrilled that you have chosen Wesleyan as the place to spend your next four years, but we also recognize that thinking about leaving the familiar for something new can bring on a mix of feelings.   


As exciting as it is to think about the new people you’ll meet, the new material you’ll be learning, the new activities in which you’ll be engaged, the new opportunities available to you, you also may find this “newness” (or the thought of it) to be a little overwhelming.  At such a time, it can be helpful to think about balance—finding the balance that’s right for you between nurturing your relationships with family and friends from home and cultivating new friendships at Wes; taking a course in a subject you love at the same time that you are exploring a new area of inquiry; continuing your involvement in an activity you really care about while trying out a new one.  Wesleyan too will soon become a familiar place as you begin to make it your own and build a life for yourself on campus.    


Again, congratulations to all you graduates as you turn to become Wesleyan’s Class of 2013.