Last day of Drop/Add

Today–Friday, September 14–

is the last day of the

Drop/Add period.


Make sure to conduct your transactions

by 5 p.m.

for adds, deletions, cross-listings &

grading mode changes.


The Withdrawal Period begins

September 15.



Enhanced Credit Analysis Report Now Available in Your Portfolio!

The Deans’ Office is pleased to announce that a new, enhanced version of the Credit Analysis Report is now available through the e-Portfolio.

ePortfolio login > Student Portfolio > Wesleyan Career > Credit Analysis Report.

The Credit Analysis is a review of the academic record that monitors progress towards meeting graduation requirements with regard to semesters in residence, GPA, earned and enrolled credits, and oversubscription.  It flags potential problems that may affect completion of graduation requirements, but it does not track completion of major requirements (the Major Certification Form is used to do this).

Enhancements to the new version include:

  • Academic Career-in-a-glance layout.  The first page of the report is designed to present a concise summary of progress towards meeting the graduation requirements.  Warning messages flag potential problems towards meeting these requirements.
  • Student Type tracking.  The report knows whether you are a First-Year Entrant or Transfer Student.  If you are a Transfer Student, it knows whether you are a Sophomore, Mid-Year Sophomore or Junior Transfer.
  • Semesters in Residence tracking.  The report calculates how many semesters remain to meet the residency requirement and is aware of the different residency requirements for first-year entrants and transfer students.
  • Oversubscription Calculation.  The report calculates total oversubscription to provide “Total Useable Graduation Credits.”  It also calculates oversubscription at the department and category levels and displays the number of remaining or oversubscribed credits at these levels.  The report is aware of special exceptions for students who double-major in ARHA and ARST or MATH and COMP and recalculates oversubscription limits accordingly.
  • Complete Crosslisting information.  The report identifies every department and credit category in which a course is crosslisted, regardless of the selection that may have been made during the course registration process.

The Credit Analysis is updated every evening to reflect changes in course enrollment status (drop/add transactions, withdrawals, etc.).  In addition, courses in which you are pre-registered are included in the credit analysis.  More information about the oversubscription regulation and how oversubscription is calculated can be found at

If you have questions about the Credit Analysis or if you believe your report is in error, please contact Dean Brown immediately.


Spring Semester Schedule Confirmation! — 2/17, 5 p.m.

Now that Drop/Add is over, we are asking you to confirm your Spring 2012 schedule.

Please confirm the accuracy of your schedule via EP>Student>Wesleyan Career>Current Classes & Schedule. If you agree that our records correctly show the courses that you registered for during Drop/Add, click on “Schedule is Correct”.

If your schedule is not correct (for example, a course is missing from your schedule or an additional course is appearing) click on “Schedule is Incorrect” and you’ll be given further instructions and a link to the petition form. Later, if your petition is successful and your schedule is corrected, you should return to your schedule page and click “Schedule is Correct”.

The schedule confirmation buttons will remain on the page until you have resolved all issues and click the “Schedule is Correct” button.

If a course enrollment is “Advisor Pending”, please ask your advisor to email requesting that the course be “Advisor Approved” in the database.

Please indicate whether your schedule is correct or incorrect by 5pm Friday, February 17. The sooner you let us know about problems with your schedule, the sooner your issues can be resolved.

If you fail to confirm your final schedule, you will not be permitted to participate in the planning phase of April Pre-Registration.

REMINDER: Grading mode and cross-listing changes were due before the end of the Drop/Add period and can no longer be made.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Sincerely, Paul H. Turenne, Associate Registrar

Know Your Academic Rights

Dear Students,

As the last day of classes approaches please take some time to consider your academic rights for Reading Period and Finals.

  • Final exams (meaning comprehensive examinations covering materials from the course of the entire semester) can only be given during the formal exam period.
  • In courses without a registrar-scheduled final examination, significant assignments such as final take-home exams, semester-long projects, and term papers must be due no sooner than the first day, and no later than the last day, of the exam period and preferably at the time slot reserved for the registrar-scheduled examination.  
  • Student organizations should not schedule retreats, programs or meetings that require student attendance during Reading Period.
  • Departmental, program, and college activities that require student participation should not be held during Reading Period, with the exception of oral and written examinations covered by alternative exam calendars.
  • If a student has three or more final examinations on one day, the student may request a rescheduled examination from one instructor.

For the full-written regulations for finals and reading period as well as other academic policies of the University please click here.If you do not feel comfortable speaking directly to your instructor about any concerns you have about your academic rights, please contact your Class Dean.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about Final Exams, Reading Period or other academic issues, please feel free to contact the WSA’s Academic Affairs Committee Chair or speak to any of your Academic Affairs Committee representatives.

Mari Jarris ’14, Chair ( ), Aubrey Hamilton ’12 Vice-Chair ( ), Nandita Vijayaraghavan ’13
Representative ( ), Christian Hosam ’15
Representative ( ), Sisi Miteva ’15 Representative ( )

Good luck and have a wonderful December and January! -The Academic Affairs Committee 

Useful Academic Links:  Academic Calendar 2011-2012 Year   Fall Semester 2011 Exam Schedule  Student Disability Services   Unofficial GPA Calculator

Last Day to Withdraw from Classes

Today–Friday, December 2 by 5 p.m.–is the last day to withdraw from first semester courses.  You need the signature of your instructor, faculty advisor and class dean in order to submit your withdrawal form to the Registrar’s Office.

Incomplete Policy and Requests: Training for Electronic Request — Mon., April 19

The Registrar’s Office debuted the new electronic “Incomplete Requests” system with the Spring 2010 courses.

TRAINING:   4:15pm Monday, April 19 – Shanklin 107

Students will be able to submit incomplete requests starting two weeks before the end of a course. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate a conversation with the instructor about needing an incomplete.  Following that communication, the student needs to submit the request in the “Incomplete Requests” link in their Student EP.

Relevant information and detailed instructions are available on the attached manual and at

For information about Incompletes in general, see

Sincerely, Paul H. Turenne, Associate Registrar