New NSM GenEd Course

MBB/Dance 108

Body Languages: Choreographing Biology  Spring 2010
Tuesday/Thursday 1:10-2:30 p.m.

MB&B and Dance, 1 Credit, NSM
Instructors: Manju Hingorani, Associate Professor, MB&B
Katja Kolcio, Associate Professor, Dance

The course will present an introduction to human biology from the cellular to organismal level.  This subject will be examined through scientific and choreographic perspectives.  Students will have the opportunity to practice movement awareness and learn basic principles of choreography, and will apply these skills to exploration of human biology.  Each class will involve lecture, discussion and movement components.

Required Texts:
Alberts et al., Essential Cell Biology ,3rd Edition, Garland Science Press.
Foster, Susan, Reading Dancing: Bodies and Subjects in Contemporary Dance, Wesleyan University Press.
Select additional readings and video viewings.

thumbnailCABFMIXMInterpretation: This course requires students to develop their ability to interpret, investigate and communicate the subject of biology through physical movement study and choreographic composition.

Designing, Creating and Realizing:  This course requires students to actualize their understanding and investigation of biology through the completion and performance of a series of movement studies and dance compositions.  Their work will culminate in a final choreographic project that demonstrates thorough comprehension and analysis of course material. Students will learn various methods and paradigmatic approaches to movement invention, composition and performance as a medium for the investigation of biology.

Exams and Assignments: Short papers, movement studies, 1-2 written exams and a final performance project.