WesCribs: Room Competition

Wesleyan University’s Office of Residential Life presents…


S T U D E N T     C O M P E T I T I O N 

Deadline: March 5, 2010

Think you’ve got one of the hottest rooms on campus?  Send us some pictures and give us a tour!

ResLife wants to know who has the skills, the brains, and the courage to overcome small spaces and tight budgets.  Enter WesCribs and show us the amazing things you’re doing with your living space!


ResLife wants to know who has the skills, the brains, and the courage to overcome small spaces and tight budgets.  Enter WesCribs and show us the amazing things your doing with your living space!

 WesCribs is a WesLife sponsored competition that is open to all University undergrads.  For more information on how to enter please visit the ResLife website. 

Winners will be announced on April 1, 2010.  PRIZES will include $100 Visa gift cards to the 5 winners and $50 Visa gift cards to the 5 runner-ups. There will be one winner and one runner-up for each of the five areas.   

Good luck and may the best crib win!

**PLEASE NOTE: The room must be in full compliance with CNAC and Fire Safety regulations! **

COL Open House for First-Years

TO:    Members of the Class of 2013

The College of Letters cordially invites you to attend one of our Open House receptions, which will be held this year on Monday, March 1 and Wednesday, March 3.  Both gatherings will start at 4:15 p.m. in the College of Letters Library (Butterfield C-413.)  I will speak briefly about the Program and a number of COL students and faculty will also be on hand to answer questions.

The College of Letters is an interdisciplinary major in Literature, Philosophy, and History, with a required area of foreign language concentration, and a semester in residence abroad (usually in France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Russia, or Spain). To learn more about the COL, study abroad possibilities, and the application process please visit the COL website at: http://www.wesleyan.edu/col/

 The major begins, unlike most majors, in the fall of the sophomore year, which is why application for it must be made in the spring of your first year.

This year the deadline for applications is Monday, March 22, the first day after the Spring vacation.  We have only a limited number of places, and our admission process has to be completed before the university’s preregistration procedures, so it is important to apply on time.  If all available places are filled by timely applicants, late applicants will automatically be placed on a waiting list.

I look forward to seeing you at the COL Open House!!

 Ethan Kleinberg,  Director, College of Letters

April AIDS Walk-New Haven

AIDS red ribbonASHA (AIDS and Sexual Health Awareness) student group is organizing a Wesleyan team for AIDS Walk-New Haven. The walk will take place on April 11 at 1 p.m. and we will be running buses from campus to New Haven. We wanted to include the entire Wesleyan community.  Anyone who is interested should e-mail their name, phone number, and wesbox number to wesleyanaidswalk2010@gmail.com or cbecerra@wesleyan.edu.

Carla Becerra, ASHA (AIDS and Sexual Health Awareness), Wesleyan University 2010

Reading Retention Workshop: Fri., Feb. 26 at noon

Reading Retention Workshop

Friday, February 26 – 12:10 to 1:00

Usdan B25

(Multipurpose Room in the basement)


Do you forget information after reading it?

Do you find yourself looking at a page with no idea of what you’ve just read?

Do you become disinterested with reading the further into the material you get? Come to the Reading Retention workshop!

Musical Madness Results!

thumbnailCA3QHCP1With sixteen entries from across the classes, there was stiff competition in the Second Annual Musical Madness at Crowell Concert Hall on Thursday, February 18.  It was an amazing evening and showcased the awesome musical talent of Wesleyan students.  Everyone was well-received to much applause and lots of woo-woos.  Many thanks to all who performed, and we hope you will participate again next year!

 Best in Show went to senior Lu Yang whose performance of Mauro Guiliani’s Gran Sonata Eroica classical guitar piece blew everyone away.   His mastery of technique and nuance absorbed the audience from his first to last note.

 It was difficult for the judges to make these final choices, but they had to do it.  Best in Class went to:

Class of 2013:  Thelonius Funk:  Julian Applebaum, Adam Brudnick Adam Jaskol, Audrey Kiely, Greg Shaheen and Zach Sulsky, for their original, “Other Side of the Looking Glass,” a jazzy and sultry invitation to that side, with lead vocalist Audrey Kiely out in front.

Class of 2012:  Men with Bad Manners: Benjamin Kaufman, Jeremy Keim-Shenk, Immanuel Lokwei, Howe Pearson, Abaye Seinmetz-Silber, for their original “Natty on the Road.”   Their rub-a-dub reggae rhythms got the crowd bobbing and waving to the beat. 

 Class of 2011:  Henry Kiely, for his original, “Ragged Army.”  Kiely merged his sweet acoustic guitar with yearning lyrics for a performance that highlighted his musicality, and  vocal and technical abilities.

 Class of 2010:  The Senior Moments:  Jesse Bordwin, Justin Bours, Sam Friedman, Leah Lucid, Ariela Rotenberg, Hansel Tan and Elizabeth Trammell, for their joyous performance of “Hear My Song” (Jason Robert Brown).  The tight harmonies and excellent piano were the icing to the fun they were having together on stage.   

 Walking away with one of two Judges’ Choice was DJ Swanrape aka Harry Ezratty ’13 for his original mixing of a wild “Mingus and Zappa” interpretation. The other Judges’ Choice went to Max Baum ’11 for the nuanced rendition of C,S,N&Y’s “Teach Your Children,” which brought home why this classic has persevered.

Many thanks to the judges, Prof. Jay Hoggard, Prof. Mary-Jane Rubenstein, and Max Gardner ’10, who had a lot of tough choices to make, and many thanks again to all who entered Musical Madness.  You rocked!

We hope to get videos up on the class blogs later this week.

Israeli Film Festival: Screening of Eli & Ben — 2/25

Eli & BenThe fifth film in the Ring family Wesleyan University Israeli Film Festival, Eli & Ben, will be screened on February 25 at 8 p.m. at the Goldsmith Family Cinema. The film which is a Connecticut premiere is directed by Ori Ravid and has been described as a “coming of age drama with a social message” and, “brilliantly made” by Mathan Shiram at the Globes Israeli daily newspaper.  Eli & Ben follows the life of the Yassif family and how it turns upside down when the father, Ben, who is the city architect of Herzelya, is charged with taking bribes. At stake is also the relationship between the father and his son, Eli, who adores his father. The film examines their chaotic relations in light of those stormy days. After the screening, film critic Laura Blum will talk about “The End of Innocence: Unmasking Identities in Eli & Ben.”

Next Thursday, March 4, at 8 p.m. at the Goldsmith Family Cinema the movie Noodle will be screened. This movie, made by a woman director, Ayelet Menahemi, will be commented upon by Isaac Zablocki who will talk about “Fantastic Realities in New Israeli Cinema”.


Stem Cell Lecture: Prof. Laura Grabel Feb. 25

Thursday, February 25, 2010, 5:15 p.m.    Usdan 108

Stem Cells on the Brain: from Politics to Therapies

A Lecture by Laura Grabel, Lauren Dachs Professor of Science in Society, Department of Biology

stem cellsStem cell research continues to be controversial and influenced by political constraints. Professor Grabel will consider its promise as well as recent scientific and public policy advances, including public funding in the Obama era.  She will also talk about the work in her laboratory focusing on understanding the conditions that promote embryonic stem cell differentiation into neurons, both in a culture dish and in the brains of mouse models of epilepsy.

A reception will follow the lecture.

Urban Education Semester: Info Session 2/25

Bank St. SchoolURBAN EDUCATION SEMESTER (UES) combines supervised teaching in  NYC progressive public schools with coursework at the Bank Street College of Education.  You will receive WES CREDIT for this program through the Office of International Studies. 

This is a terrific program about urban issues and policy.

INFO SESSION: Thursday, Feb. 25, 6 – 7 p.m., Allbritton 103.       

Application Deadline: March 29

Interested in UES but can’t come to info session?   Contact Vicky Zwelling, Career Resource Center, 860-685-2180 vzwelling@wesleyan.edu

Broad Street Books: Textbook Returns


Broad Street Books is currently returning overstock textbooks to the distributors. Please purchase all of the titles you thumbnailCAAT82T0will need for the rest of the semester at your earliest convenience.

Half-semester and trimester course materials will be kept longer.   We will be happy to reorder any title for you at any time.  Have a great semester.

 Sincerely, Colleen Chen, Text Manager, Broad Street Books, 860-685-7323