Moving Out Information for Seniors

Graduating seniors are permitted to stay in their spring residence until 4:30 p.m. on Monday, May 27, 2013.

As you move out, please remember to leave your house in the same condition you found it in when you arrived in the fall.  University facilities staff will inspect your house immediately after you leave.  Fines will be assessed to your student account if they have to provide cleaning services, if there are damages or if furniture is missing.  For more information about fines go to

The following guidelines will help prevent room, or common area damage charges:

  1. Remove all      personal items from your housing unit. Facilities will not hold on to      items left behind in units.
  2. Remove all      trash and debris.
  3. Clean your      refrigerator, stove top, counters, cupboards, inside of oven and the      kitchen floor.
  4. Clean your      bathroom tub/shower, sink, toilet, and bathroom floor.
  5. Wood Frame      Residents we ask that you try to keep the streets and neighborhood as neat      as possible.  Physical      plant will be delivering heavy duty large trash bags on Thursday, May 16th      and Friday May 17th (approximately 15 bags per      house).  Large dumpsters will be placed in the Pine Street Parking      lot, 247 Pine Parking lot, behind 44 Home Avenue and behind 65 Pearl      Street on Monday, May 13th for your use. Please try to place      all your trash in bags in these dumpsters or next to the curb in front of      your house.  Residents who place trash outside, not in bags, will be      charged a minimum of $100.  Additional charges will be assessed if      the cost of cleanup exceeds the amount of the fine. Apartment residents      should place all trash in a nearby dumpster.  Continue to use      curbside recycling bins for any recyclables.
  6. For those      participating in residential composting, empty blue buckets into a      Wesleyan black composting bin and email wesleyancompost@gmail.comwith      your name and campus house address (i.e. 20 Fountain).  Bring cleaned      blue buckets behind  the University Organizing Center (located      between Beta and Eclectic), stacking it beneath the stairs. Please return      your bucket no later than May 22nd.
  7. Donate      items to Waste Not! by bringing them to a collection location by 3 PM on      May 27th.  Do not throw out unwanted furniture by the curb      or leave it on your porch or lawn.  Collection locations for      furniture and other items will be announced via email during the second      week of May.  Bring all items to a nearby collection location.       If an item is too heavy or bulky for you to carry, email to      schedule a pickup.  For a full list of what you can donate, visit       Contact WeSustainability@gmail.comif      you have any questions.
  8. Make sure      all university furniture items are in their appropriate rooms.  Fines      will be assessed for missing, stained or damaged furniture.
  9. Do not      allow rising seniors to store items in your residence.  Those items      will be removed at your expense.
  10. Remember      you must vacant your residence by 4:30      P.M. on Monday      May 27th

Turn in your keys at Residential Life between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Monday, May 27, 2013. You may also place your keys in the drop off key box located between North College and South College.  Place your key in an envelope (one was sent to your WesBox), secure and properly label the envelope with your name, Wes ID, date, building/room number and number of keys.

Please do not place keys from other students in your envelope. If you do not have your envelope and there are no more at the drop box, please take your keys to Public Safety.

Do not plan to mail your keys back to Wesleyan.  Students will be billed for any keys not returned by May 27, 2013.