Grief Counseling Resources on Campus

Current Grief Counseling Resources on Campus

 Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) welcomes and encourages students to take advantage of the following services offered:

  • The Grief Support Group:  a student-led group open to any Wesleyan student who is coping with the death of a friend or relative
    • Meets on Wednesdays at 8:30pm in the Solarium (Room 201) in the Davidson Health Center
    • Dr. Laurence Antosz is the clinical resource for the group
    • For more information, contact Hannah Vogel or Leah Koenig
    • Individual appointments:  call (860) 685-3143 to schedule an appointment with one of the CAPS therapists
    • On-call support:  call CAPS at (860) 685-2910
    • Drop-in hours:  Dr. D’Andrea will have drop-in hours from 5-6 p.m. next Monday through Thursday (3/25/13-3/28/13)

 Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (ORSL) provides emotional and spiritual support and is located on the 2nd floor of 169 High Street (corner of Church and High):

  • Rabbi David Teva, Department Head and Jewish Chaplain  Ext. 2278;; Office hours:  Wed 2:45-4:30
  • Rev. Tracy Mehr-Muska, Protestant Chaplain   Ext. 2277;; Office hours:  Wed 1:30-3:00pm
  • Imam Adeel Zeb, Islamic Chaplain   Ext. 2275;; Office hours:  Wed 1:00-2:30pm

Class Deans provide support to students, facilitate access to academic and non-academic support services, and work with faculty on behalf of students:

CHUM Monday Night Lecture Series: Prof. Dara Orenstein — Tonight 6 p.m.



Mellon Post Doc, Wesleyan University

To the list of locations visited during this spring’s lecture series—the virtual, the literary, the archipelagic, the theatrical, the archeological—this talk adds the littoral, in the shape of “customs territory.” Customs territory is the juridical terrain on which commodities are deemed onshore rather than offshore. It is an arcane, bureaucratic term that surfaces in the global public sphere only at border crossings, in the fine print of questionnaires certifying tariffs paid on American cars, Cuban cigars and French wines. Yet arguably it is the very foundation of the nation-state, the concrete abstraction that articulates the multitude of places into the sovereign space of the national market. This talk traces the contours of customs territory by focusing on a spatial form that suspends it, the free zone. The first half diagrams the U.S. zone system (the largest and longest-running in the world), and the second half uses an example of people imported into a quasi-free zone—Jewish refugees shipped to the United States in 1944—to raise the question of how the concept of customs territory conditions the grounds of citizenship.




FILMS: Flood and Jellyfish with Q&A: Thurs., March 7 and April 23

Mabul (flood) will conclude the Sixth Annual Ring Family Wesleyan University Israeli Film festival, on Thursday, March 7 at 8 PM at the Goldsmith Family Cinema. The film is described as “one of the year’s most impressive-looking Israeli films” by Variety film reviewer Alissa Simon, and  is the winner of the best film and best cinematography categories at the Haifa International film festival (2010) as well as earning six nominations  for the Ophir (Israeli Academy Awards). Directed by Guy Nativ and co –written by Nativ and Noa Berman- Herzberg, the film  follows the complicated life of Yoni, a smart but underdeveloped boy, who is preparing for his Bar Mitzvah. Yoni has to deal with bullying in school, uncommunicative parents and an older autistic brother who comes home right before the ceremony. Yoni is left to deal on his own with a brother he has not seen in ten years and who has become obsessed with Yoni’s Torah excerpt about Noah and the flood.

The film is 100 minutes and has English subtitles. Film critic Laura Blum will comment upon the film as well as conduct a question-answer session after the screening.

You can watch a video trailer at http:///

Although this is the last movie in our Israeli Film Festival is it not the end. This year the Jewish and Israel Studies with the co- sponsorship of the Film Department is introducing a new event, Back by Popular Demand. On Tuesday, April 23, at 8pm at the Goldsmith Family Cinema the internationally acclaimed writer and film maker, Etgar Keret , will introduce and comment upon his film Jellyfish, winner at the Cannes Film Festival. Please mark your calendar for this exciting event, and as always I would be delighted to welcome you and your students  to the movies, Dalit Katz