Getting Off-campus — WSA transportation info and options

Hey Students,

 The first thing you can do is check our NEW transportation website: Cardinal Directions! Go to  to find the easiest way to get to your desired destination.

If that doesn’t work for your needs, don’t forget about ZipCars. They are really convenient, and you only have to pay a $35 dollar yearly membership and $8/hour of use. No additional fees, no gas, no insurance, and you can rent them any time you want. Go to to learn more.

Lastly, just wanted to let you all know that the Thursday shuttles to the New Haven Train Station that we made possible this year are here to stay. You can catch those every Thursday at 6pm in front of Usdan for $10.

  Safe travels, WSA Transportation Committee


Spring Break Shuttles

Salutations esteemed comrades,

Just wanting to remind you all that shuttle tickets to and from New York, Boston, New Haven, and Bradley International Airport for Spring Break (March 9th-26th). More information about the shuttles can be found at and can be purchased at the box office during normal business hours and online at

Please let me know if you have any questions, Evan Weber, WSA Transportation Committee Chair,, (808) 224-0644


Shuttle Tickets — on sale now

End-of-year shuttle tickets are on sale now! Get your tickets at the Box Office or online at! Buy them before they sell out. 

As always, shuttles leave from the front of Usdan. Also take advantage of the RideBoard, Wesleyan’s car-pooling service:

New Haven Shuttle, Union Station

To New Haven: Friday, May 13: 10:00 PM, 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM; Saturday, May 14: 10:00AM, 12:00 PM

Bradley Airport Shuttles

To Bradley: Friday, May 13: 5:45AM and 12:00PM; Saturday, May 14: 5:45 AM and 12:00PM

Fan Van to Amherst — Sat., 4/23

Hi All,

It is true – the Fan Van, a bus that takes student fans to Wesleyan athletic away games, is happening again for the last time this school year. It will launch this Saturday April 23rd, with a bus going to the men’s lacrosse game against Amherst, one of our Little Ivy rivals.  

1) People can reserve a spot for the Amherst game by emailing, stating their interest in reserving a spot. To preserve the fairness of the service, you can only reserve a seat for yourself (your friends must also reserve for themselves) unless it is an emergency circumstance. First come, first served. There are a pretty limited number of spots, so make your reservation now before bus seats run out. 

2) On Saturday, the bus will be leaving Wesleyan from Usdan at 12:15pm. The bus will be leaving Amherst at 4:00pm and returning to campus at roughly 5:30pm.  

3) You must come back on the bus on the return trip to Wesleyan. No exceptions! There will be a bus monitor with a list of student names ensuring that all students use the Fan Van both ways. 

4) The trip is free of charge, but you must bring your best Wesleyan spirit! 

5) Last chance to see our awesome men’s lacrosse team do some more damage in the NESCAC!

 Cheers for Wes, 

 Nicole Okai, WSA Transportation Committee Representative, and Zachary Malter, WSA Transportation Committee Chair

“Saturday in the City” on 4/2 — Tkts on sale 3/25

The WSA has launched a new initiative, Saturday in the City, which gives students the opportunity to experience local cities and some of their cultural, culinary, and leisure offerings. The first trip to New York City will happen this semester, on Saturday, April 2nd. Students on the trip will be taken to the Museum of Modern Art, Union Square, and Chinatown. Buses will be leaving Wes at 9 am and returning around 10 pm. 

Tickets go on sale at the box office tomorrow Friday, March 25th at noon. Tickets are $10; students can purchase one ticket per person. Spots are very limited so visit the box office as early as you can after noon on Friday. 

 If you have any questions, e-mail Manon Lefevre (, Zachary Malter (, or Lucas Mantilla (, trip organizers.

Shuttles Back to Campus — 1/13 deadline

Tickets are still available for Wesleyan’s winter break shuttles back to campus. Don’t forget to get yourself a ticket before the deadline and before they all sell out.

The last day to buy tickets is only a few days away: Thursday, January 13th. You can buy your ticket now online at

If you need a ride or can give a ride to somewhere the shuttles don’t go, use the Rideboard:

Here are the dates and times for the shuttles:

Grand Central Station, NY Penn Station, NY South Station, Boston, MA

Tues, Jan 18, 2011, at 3pm, Buses depart from NY and Boston to Campus

New Haven Shuttle, Union Station

Mon., Jan. 17, 2011 at 4 pm
Tue, Jan. 18 at 11am and 4pm
Wed. Jan 19, at 4pm

Bradley Airport

Monday, January 17th – 1 pm, 6 pm, 10 pm
Tuesday, January 18th – 6 pm, 10 pm
Wednesday, January 19th – 6 pm
Thursday, January 20th – 1 pm

Note: BRADLEY RETURN shuttle pick up location: INSIDE the newer section of Terminal A
at its lower/ground level, near desk and sign for “Bradley Ambassadors Information Center.”
This desk is closest to Baggage Claim carousel #4.

Fall Break Shuttles

Fall break is just around the corner, and you’re probably making plans to get off campus. It’s easy with Wesleyan’s shuttles. You can buy your ticket now at the Box Office in Usdan or online at Buy your ticket before all the seats fill up.

All shuttles leave from the front of Usdan on Wyllys Avenue.

If you need a ride or can give a ride to somewhere the shuttles don’t go, use the Rideboard. On the Rideboard you can find rides offered by other students, request a ride, or offer rides yourself. You can access the Rideboard through your E-Portfolio, under Student Life.

Here are the days and times for the shuttles:

Grand Central Station, NY ($25 each way) Penn Station, NY ($25 each way) South Station, Boston, MA ($25 each way)

To:  Friday 10/15 – 4 pm         From:  Tuesday 10/19 – 3 pm

New Haven Shuttle, Union Station ($9 each way)

To:  Friday 10/15 – 10 am, 6 pm;  Saturday 10/16 – 10 am; Sunday 10/17 – 4 pm

From:  Friday 10/15 – 7 pm; Saturday 10/16 – 11 am; Sunday 10/17 – 5 pm; Tuesday 10/19 – 11 am, 5 pm

Bradley Airport ($20 each way)

To :  Friday 10/15 – 12:30 pm      From:  Tuesday 10/19 – 7 pm

Last Call for the Shuttle

Dear student,

By the end of the day today, Wednesday, May 12th, make your reservations for the end-of-the-year Bradley and New Haven shuttles.  As always, the shuttles LEAVE Wesleyan from in front of Usdan.

The cost of the Bradley shuttle is $20 one-way, $40 round trip. You can pay at the Box Office in Usdan with cash, credit, or check.

The shuttles leave Usdan at 5:45 AM and 12 PM on Friday, May 14th and Saturday, May 15th. Each shuttle arrives at the airport one hour after leaving Wesleyan, so please plan accordingly.

 The New Haven Union Station shuttles will leave from Usdan at 10 AM and 2 PM on Friday and Saturday. Cost is $9 each way.

 Good luck on finals, and safe travels,  Ben Firke, Chair, WSA Finance and Facilities Committee

Winter Break Shuttle Deadline

Friday, December 18 is the last day to purchase all shuttle tickets to and from destinations over Winter Break. Tickets must be purchased at the box office in Usdan.

Shuttles are available to and from Union Station in New Haven, Bradley Airport, Penn Station in NYC, Grand Central thumbnailCA6XVSK1Station in NYC, and South Street Station in Boston.

Tickets for the return trip to Wes in January must be purchased by this Friday. They will not be available for last-minute purchase in January.

Shuttle Times

New Haven Shuttle, Union Station, $9 each way

To New Haven:   Monday 12/21 – 2pm;  Tuesday 12/22 – 2pm;  Wednesday 12/23 – 10am

From New Haven:  Sunday 1/17 – 4pm; Monday 1/18 – 4pm; Tuesday 1/19 – 11am;

New York City and Boston, NYC – Grand Central Station and Penn Station, Boston – South Street Station, $20 each way

To NYC  (Penn Station or Grand Central Station) or Boston (South Street Station):

Wednesday 12/23 – 10am

From NYC (Penn Station or Grand Central Station) or Boston (South Street Station):

Monday 1/18 – 3pm

Bradley Airport, $25 each way

To Bradley:  Monday 12/21 – 5:45 am, 12pm, 4:30pm; Tuesday 12/22 – 5:45am, 12pm, 4:30pm; Wednesday 12/23 – 5:45am, 12pm

From Bradley:  Sunday 1/17 – 1pm, 6pm, 10pm; Monday 1/18 – 6pm, 10pm; Tuesday 1/19 – 6pm;

Wednesday 1/20 – 1pm 

Becky Weiss, WSA Vice President