If you are leaving for Thanksgiving Break…

Hi everyone, 

If you’re leaving campus for Thanksgiving Break, take a few minutes to reduce energy consumption and save the school some money. Here are some suggestions: 

Unplug electronics and appliances (TVs, computers, chargers, microwaves, etc.).

Turn off your lights and alarm clocks before you leave.

Close your windows.

Turn down your thermostats, if you can.

Unplug and clean out your fridge, because your food will likely go bad anyways. You can donate your food to the Middletown Chapter of Food not Bombs by emailing this address: fnbmiddletown@lists.riseup.net, or give your food to your friends that are staying on campus.

Have a great break!!  WSA Sustainability Task Force 

Any questions, comments:  Rebecca Rubenstein ’15, rrubenstein@wesleyan.edu,  WSA Sustainability Task Force Chair