Koeppel Panel: Journalism & Social Change — Sat., 10/23

HC/FW Koeppel Panel: William Finnegan and Jane Eisner ’77 on Journalism and Social Change

William Finnegan of The New Yorker, and Jane Eisner, editor of the Forward, will discuss journalism and social change on Saturday October 23rd, 2010 at 1:30 pm in the Memorial Chapel.

William Finnegan, staff writer for The New Yorker, is the author of award-winning works of international journalism. He has written recently about immigration issues and politics in Europe and Mexico, as well as racism and conflict in Southern Africa and poverty among youth in the U.S. His article, “Leasing the Rain,” received the James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism. He has twice received the John Bartlow Martin Award for public interest magazine writing.

Jane Eisner ’77 has been a national and international reporter, columnist, and executive editor at thePhiladelphia Inquirer and a leader in national discussions of media and democracy.  She is now editor of theForward, the weekly Jewish newspaper of major influence nationally and internationally. She is the first woman to win Wesleyan’s McConaughy Award for her contributions to journalism and public life, and she is the first Koeppel Fellow in Journalism at Wesleyan.

This event is sponsored by the Koeppel Journalism Fellowship and the Wesleyan Writing Programs. It is free and open to the public. For more information call (860) 685-3448, or visit http://www.wesleyan.edu/writing/distinguished_writers/.

Celebrating Students 2013: Ginah Kim

The start of summer of 2010 was spent working 9-to-5 shifts for two film internships in Los Angeles. I helped organize several premieres for movies such as Twilight: Eclipse and Despicable Me (where I met the love of my life, funnyman Steve Carell), and worked on the finishing touches of a documentary on Marvel Comics co-creator, Stan Lee. I then left to spend two weeks in Seoul, Korea.

It was a great experience to be taking full advantage of my summer in LA and to get in touch with my roots in Korea, but the most memorable part of the summer was my stay at Sarang House orphanage (literally translated is Love House) in Qingdao, China. I went with a small Christian Mission Team of about 15 people, where our main goals were to teach English, praise, and play with the kids. The mission trip was organized by International Care Community (ICC), a nonprofit organization that has been sending teams to the orphanage for the past six years. Much of our time in Sarang House was spent organizing crafts and activities, teaching songs and dance routines, creating colorful decorations for the main worship room and dining hall, and basically helping the director of Sarang House in any way that we could. The year’s theme was “Citizenship: How to Be a Good Citizen.” Through stories, activities, and discussions, we taught the kids about being responsible, fair, respectful, trustworthy, and caring. We wanted them to remember that the orphanage is their home and to treat it as such, and that all of them constitute one family.

The trip was truly indescribable. I was touched at how loving and happy the kids were, even though many of them suffered physical/verbal abuse and abandonment by their families. They treated each other like siblings, with the older kids constantly looking out for the younger ones. When we brought them candy and chocolate (rare treats for the kids at Sarang House), they would always offer some to us first before sharing amongst themselves. It is impossible to convey how life-changing this experience was for me. I definitely plan to continue volunteering at Sarang House every summer with ICC.

WSA–Financial Aid Forum Thurs., 10/21 — 7 p.m.


Do you (or your friends) have any stories you want to tell about your experience with financial aid at Wesleyan? Would you like to help improve the financial aid process in any way?


The Wesleyan Student Assembly is hosting this year’s Financial Aid Forum where we would like you to come and share your financial aid experiences. Your opinions will enable us to discuss a variety of topics with the Financial Aid Office in their semester meeting with the WSA’s Financial Aid Committee. 

The forum will take place at 7:00 pm on Thursday, October 21st, 2010 in the Nics Lounge. Food will be provided.

For more information, you can contact Sandy A. Durosier at sdurosier@wesleyan.edu or Zachary Malter at zmalter@wesleyan.edu, or follow the link to the facebook group, http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=134999029883130.

A panel on working with students with disabilities–4:15 p.m., today

A panel on working with students with disabilities.

Wednesday, October 20 at 4:15 p.m. in Usdan 108.                                                      

You will have the chance to hear from undergraduate students from Wesleyan and recent graduates and world-class Paralympians from other institutions discuss their experience working with faculty.  All are welcome.

This event is sponsored by The Hartford Insurance Company, and Wesleyan University’s Human Resources, Disabilities Services and Wesleyan Students for Disability Rights. For more information, write to disabilitiesservices@wesleyan.edu or call x2332.

Sophomores: Check out seniors’ panel on “From Study Abroad to Thesis” — Tonight!

Usdan Common Connections, in connection with the Deans’ Office, will present “Celebrating Seniors – From Study Abroad to Thesis” this evening at 7:00 p.m. in Daniel Family Commons.

The following panel will present on their experiences abroad, and how this shaped their senior research:

  • Margot Boyer-Dry (Morocco)
  • Max Perel-Slater (Tanzania)
  • Yannick LeJacq (Jordan)

Faculty members will be present to give their viewpoints on the research and provide feedback for students.

English Majors Comm. sponsors “Lessons American Lit Teaches…” — Thurs., 10/21

This Thursday–October 21–at 4:15 in DOWNEY 113, we will have our first English Panel, sponsored by the English Majors Committee: LESSONS AMERICAN LITERATURE TEACHES ABOUT HISTORY AND SOCIAL CHANGE.  It features Professor Sally Bachner, Professor Matthew Garrett, and Professor Amy Tang.  Professor Joel Pfister will introduce and moderate the panel, facilitate discussion with panelists and representatives from the English Majors Committee, and then open the Q&A session to all.  The aim is to have a provocative, useful, and fun English brainstorming session!  Sophomores are welcome!
A reception will follow:  You can mingle with the panelists and enjoy some great Italian cookies.  Hope to see you there!

Last Flu Shot Clinic — Get It Done! Thurs., 10/21

Dear Student,

The LAST  of three flu clinics is scheduled for Thursday, October 21 from 4-7 p.m. in 108 Usdan.  It’s $37–cash, check or student accounts.  This seasonal flu shot includes protection against H1N1.  You should consider this vaccine for continued protection, even if you had an H1N1 shot last year.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET THE FLU!

Please click on the following link for details about this last clinic.  www.wesleyan.edu/healthservices/ofnote/flu04.html

Joyce L. Walter, Director, Davison Health Center


Musical Madness: February 2011

Hey 2013’er’s,

Whether you’re solo or ensemble, acoustic or a capella, whether you do rock, gospel, jazz, opera, classical, reggae or vocals, it’s not too early to being thinking about Musical Madness in February 2011.  If ensemble, all members must be in the sophomore class.  Talent abounds in the Class of 2013, so let’s hear it!  Think about it and do it.