A+ Series Workshop: Exam Prep!

Exam Preparation: Learn how to break down your semester and use organization and study strategies so that you can effectively prepare for your exams. We will review ways of practicing test-taking for different exam formats.

Monday, October 4 at 9:30 p.m. in the Butt C Lounge with Alyssa Bogdanow ‘11.

Ethnic Studies Panel

“Why Ethnic Studies (Still) Matters”

Tuesday, October 5     4:15-6 p.m.     Russell House     Reception to follow

This session is a critical response to the passage of HR 2281 by the Arizona State legislature, which banned the teaching of Ethnic Studies in public schools. Panelists will present scholarly work drawn from their current research, which speaks to Native American Studies, African American Studies, and Asian American Studies.  The event is part of a nation-wide effort, Ethnic Studies Week (October 1-7, 2010).


“Native History and 21st Century Politics: How Indian history reveals the potential of American democracy, Christian Gonzales, American Studies

“Spectacular Blackness: Reflections on Race, Representation, and the Rise of Color(ed) Television, Ann duCille, English

“Accents and the Avant-Garde: From Gertrude Stein to Li-Young Lee,” Amy Tang, English and American Studies

“From Activists to Curators: The Black Museum Movement Then and Now,” Robyn Autry, Sociology 

Moderator: J. Kehaulani Kauanui, American Studies and Anthropology 

This event is sponsored by the American Studies Program with support from the English Department.