A Food and Music Festival


SAT., SEPT. 25, 5-8 PM,

CFA Green

Enjoy the beginning of fall and a special meal to the sounds of:

Clover Street Band, Thelonius Funk, Linus, Bones Complex & The Japanese

FREE 2013 t-shirts!

Bring Your WesID!

Rain/Cold Location: Beckham Hall, music/t-shirts only 8-11 PM

Celebrating Students 2013: Alex Wilkinson

This past summer, I didn’t work in an office or volunteer in a foreign country. I rolled out of bed in the morning, turned on my computer, and helped my dad through the early period of the new startup he helped found: Urbanbloke. Urbanbloke is a company that sells men’s luxury brands online at reduced prices, a business model that has proven to be very successful for women and is just starting to be applied to the male demographic.

What was great about working at Urbanbloke (besides using my bedroom as a personal office) was the variety of responsibilities I had from day to day: manipulating images in Photoshop, inputting sales, crafting brand descriptions, managing advertising relationships with blogs, keeping track of inventory, and more. I even attended meetings we had with brands such as Ike Behar, Tommy Bahama, and Do Denim. We drove to these meetings and picked up clothing samples in our stylish company car: my family’s Toyota Highlander with a Thule box bungeed to the top.

Thus, startup culture is an amalgam of contradictions: casual and formal, funny and serious, exciting and terrifying. I quickly learned that working at a startup requires flexibility (since the future is never certain), creativity (since startups are constantly adapting and improving), and optimism (no matter how good an idea you have, how it will be received in the market can never be fully predicted).

It was an exciting challenge to be a part of this culture, and even more exciting to watch all our hard work lead towards acquisition and investment meetings. It didn’t hurt that I got some free clothes too!

Major Tips #1

There are some sophomores who know exactly what they want to major in.  There are some sophomores who have narrowed it down to two or three disciplines or subjects.   And there are some sophomores who are still trying to figure out what they want to spend the next five semesters exploring in depth.  While second-semester sophomores declare their majors by October 29, 2010, first-semester sophomores declare their majors between February 3 and March 5, 2011. 

Obviously, you want to find an area of inquiry that excites you intellectually, keeps you interested, challenges you, and inspires you to learn more.  What have you found you are passionate about?  (And if you are still looking, that’s okay!).  Check out check out the major declaration website at http://www.wesleyan.edu/deans/major_declaration/index.html, talk with your advisor, professors, and class dean, and stay tuned for the Major Tips #2.

Get your flu shot today, especially those at risk

Annual Seasonal Flu Clinic for Students

Seasonal influenza (“flu”) is a highly contagious viral illness marked by fever, muscle aches, cough, headache and fatigue. These symptoms often have a dramatically sudden onset and the illness usually lasts seven to ten days. Although influenza typically improves without complications, certain individuals, especially those with underlying medical problems including asthma or diabetes may develop complications, such as pneumonia. Ear infections and sinusitis may also develop with or following influenza.

The most effective preventative measure against seasonal flu is being immunized with seasonal flu vaccine.

It is especially important for individuals (especially those at risk for flu complications) to be immunized with seasonal flu vaccine which now includes protection against H1N1. Even if you received H1N1 vaccine in the past year, it is recommended that you get the seasonal flu shot this year for the additional coverage it offers.

The CDC recommends that younger people (we are recommending <30) get the seasonal flu vaccine as soon as it is available. Other adults may get the vaccine in mid to late October.

The Davison Health Center and Department of Human Resources is sponsoring a Seasonal Flu Clinic for students, as well as faculty, staff and their dependents.  

Hartford VNA Healthcare will provide the clinical services and staff, and Health Center staff will assist with clerical duties.

Information about the flu, flu vaccine, and notice of privacy practice can be found below by clicking on the appropriate link.  For faster service the day of the clinic, please print off and complete the Influenza Immunization Permission sheet and bring with you to the clinic.  Copies will also be available at the clinic site. Registration is not required.

Please wear a short sleeve shirt for ease of access to your arm.

Date:         Tuesday, September 21
:         12 – 4 p.m.
Location:  Usdan University Center 108
Fee:           $37 (cash, check, or bill to student account)

There are also clinics on Oct. 12 and Oct. 21. 

Celebrating Students 2013: Ava Bysiewicz Donaldson

This summer I traveled to a popular destination for college students: Washington D.C.  I interned for Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro.  My responsibilities included answering phone calls, distributing newspapers, sorting mail and taking notes at various hearings for the staffers.  Although most of those tasks sound mundane, it was actually extremely eye opening for me.  By answering phone calls and checking faxes and mail, I was able to see which issues concerned constituents the most.  By attending hearings, I became much more aware of global issues.  A huge issue this summer was the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill, and I researched and attended conferences on it.  I even attended a hearing at the Rayburn House Office Building where Tony Hayworth (CEO of BP) testified.  At the hearings I was able to hear incredible speakers, such as Ralph Nader. 

One of my other responsibilities was to give constituents tours of the Capitol. That was definitely the favorite part of my job.  I had never been inside the Capitol before, and seeing it from behind the scenes was indescribable. I did not realize how much history was packed into it, so it was difficult to condense all that information into an hour-long tour.  Overall, this internship was an amazing learning experience.  I became more knowledgeable about our nation’s history as well as public relations and policy.   As a government major, this past summer’s experiences provided me with insights that I could never have acquired in a classroom.

A+ Workshop Series

This Sunday and Monday, take advantage of the following workshops to improve your academic skills, get the most out of your readings and classes, and perform to your highest ability!

Note Taking:  How to take notes and use them effectively.  Sunday, September  19 – 7-8 p.m., Fauver Lounge

Reading Retention:  Strategies for improving focus and recall.  Sunday, September 19 – 7-8 p.m., Butt C Lounge

 Time Management:  How to organize and prioritize work.  Monday, September 20 – 9:30-10:30 p.m., Clark Lounge

Writing Workshop and Writing Mentor Program

THE WRITING WORKSHOP:  Now Open for both Drop-in Hours and Appointments!

You can meet with a tutor to discuss ideas for an upcoming assignment, edit a rough draft of an essay, or review a professor’s comment on completed work.

MONDAY-THURSDAY: 1-4 PM @ Shapiro Writing Center (Room 306)

SUNDAY-THURSDAY: 7-11 PM @ Shapiro Writing Center (Room 306),Olin Library (Room 106), and Exley Science Library (Room 77)

For appointments: Click on “Writing Workshop” in your E-Portfolio


Writing mentors provide one-on-one tutoring to help you on every paper you write, meeting with you over the course of a semester when and where you choose

APPLY NOW! @ www.wesleyan.edu/writing/workshop/mentor.html.  The application deadline is Monday, September 20 at 5 p.m.

Both programs are free and available for all Wesleyan students!

E-mail writingworks@wesleyan.edu or call x2440 for more information


Vote for your WSA Reps–today!

Dear Students,

 There are only 24 hours left in the Wesleyan Student Assembly Elections.

 Vote Now: wsavoting.wesleyan.edu

 Want to change the WSA? Influence the University’s financial aid, sustainability, alcohol, dining, and fire safety policies? Make sure that the Assembly reflects the views of students like you!

 9 Frosh seats and 8 At-Large seats are up for grabs.

 Voting ends at Midnight, so log on to wsavoting.wesleyan.edu and cast your ballots now!

 Sincerely, Wesleyan Student Assembly

Pakistan Flood Relief Initiative Meeting — 9/19

Wesleyan University’s Pakistani Students’ Association has launched the “Pakistan Flood Relief Initiative,” to form an action team which will coordinate a number of fund-raisers throughout the year to help the victims of the deadly floods that hit Pakistan recently.

The Pakistan flood crisis began in late July when unusually heavy monsoon rains swept across the country. Currently 20% of the country is under water. About 1500 people have died as a result, and more than 21 million people are homeless. The United Nations has declared it to be the worst crisis to have ever occurred in the UN’s history. Red Cross has called it a massive crisis which has not received the massive support it needs. One flood worker said that the floods are the scale of the Tsunami, destruction of the Haiti and the complexity of the Middle East.

The aid required is huge but donations have been slow to come by. People in Pakistan are trying their best to help the flood victims, but Pakistan cannot overcome this crisis without help from other countries.

If you are interested in helping with the crisis, please join the Pakistan Flood Relief Initiative meeting on Sunday (September 19th) at 4pm at PAC001. During this meeting, ideas will be discussed for potential fund-raisers that will be held throughout the year to help the victims of the worst humanitarian crisis in decades.

Here is a link to a video that summarizes the current situation really well


For more information, please contact Ali Chaudhry (achaudhry@wesleyan.edu) or Zuleikha Hester (zhester@wesleyan.edu).

Drop/Add Deadline!

The drop/add period ends this Friday, September 17 at 11:59 p.m.   No grading mode changes (letter grade or CR/U) or course deletions after this time.  All dropped courses will be noted on the transcript with a “W” to indicate withdrawal from the course.