Musical Madness 2010 – Class of 2013 Performances

DJ Swanrape, “Mingus & Zappa” (original)
Harry Ezratty ’13


Thelonius Funk, “Other Side of the Looking Glass” (original)

Julian Applebaum ’13, Adam Brudnick ’13, Adam Jaskol ’13, Audrey Kiely ’13, Greg Shaheen ’13, Zack Sulsky ’13

Genelle Faulkner ’13, “Warrior Love” (Etana)/”Officially Missing You” (Tamia)

Anastasios Germanidis ’13, “Movie in the Making” (original)

Clark 3 Jam, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” (Frankie Valli)

Jon Kim ’13, Ryan Richman ’13, Michael Zazzaro ’13

Alex Hunt ’13, “Put a Penny in the Slot” (Fionn Regen)

Emma Daniels ’13, “Horizon Line” (original)

Bones Complex, “Between Hemispheres” (original)

Mark Bennett ’13, Shivan Bhaynani ’13, Frank Fineis ’13, Zack Goldberg ’13, Andrew Pfeiffer ’13, Alex Ray ’13





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Important Room Key Information

As the closing deadline approaches, The Office of Residential Life would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the proper check-out procedure.  As you know, University housing for all non-graduating students closes at noon on Saturday May 15, 2010.  All students not pre-approved for transition housing or extended stay must be properly checked out by that time. 

 In order to properly check-out you must:

  1. Return your residential key(s).  If you have lost your key, please return your envelope with a note indicating that your key has been lost.
  2. Completely vacate your housing assignment (room, apartment and/or wood frame) prior to noon on May 15, 2010.  This means that all of your belongings must be moved out and are no longer in your Spring 2010 housing assignment.

Failure to do either of the above will result in a late check-out fee of $250.00 plus additional per diem and lock change charges as required.  Residential Life staff will be checking all buildings to ensure that only students preapproved for transition housing and extended stay remain on campus past the closing deadline.  The Office of Residential Life will be open for key drop off from 9am to noon on Saturday May 15, 2010.  Additionally, students may leave keys in the key drop box, located on the High Street side of the glass walkway between North and South College.  Please secure your key in a key return envelope so that we may correctly record that your key was returned.  Key return envelopes were left in your WesBox on April 30th.  Additional envelopes are available at the Office of Residential Life and in a bin on the left side of the key drop box.

Again to avoid an improper or late check-out fee be sure to completely vacate your housing assignment and return your residential keys by noon on May 15, 2010.

Donate Your Stuff to Waste Not!

Donate to Waste Not!
Waste Not is Wesleyan’s student-organized collection of unwanted items at the end of the Spring semester. Don’t throw away your stuff at the end of the year, give it a new home!
In the fall 2010, we’ll have a huge tag sale in an effort to keep our stuff in circulation and out of the dumpster. Money from the sale and leftover items will go to charity. All food and laundry detergent is also donated to charity!

How to help!
If you live in a residence hall:
Look out for the taped off “Waste Not Collection Zones” on your dorm’s entrance or a stairwell landing. You can leave any items there or, if your item is too large, give the Waste Not Coordinators a call or email and we will pick it up for you!

If you live in a program house: Let your house manager know you want to participate in Waste Not and/or send a quick email out to We’re taping off collection zones in any houses that want to participate! You can leave any unwanted items there and they will be collected by volunteers later in the week!

If you live in a senior wood frame: To let us know when your items are ready to donate to Waste Not, just put an official Waste Not hanger on your door (you should have received this over the weekend). All the necessary information is on this hanger. During senior week we will be coming around to pick up items from the wood frames.

You can also drop off items directly at the Waste Not collection center in Zion Church, a few doors down from Neon Deli and across from the Freeman Athletic Center, starting Saturday, May 15th!


Items you can donate:

clothing, furniture, chests of drawers, shelves, refrigerators, microwaves, rugs, lamps, electronics, printers, alarm clocks, phones, textbooks, course packs, books for classes, other books, posters, dorm decorations in general, bedding, dishes/kitchen ware, hangers, mirrors, food (will be donated upon collection in the Spring), cleaning supplies, laundry detergent (also will be donated), brooms, household chemicals

Student Health Insurance

To Students in the Class of 2013:

A letter, instructions and benefit flyer about the annual University insurance requirements for 2010-2011 will be sent to your home address in mid-June.  The Gallagher Koster website will open on May 14 if you want to comply with the requirements before you leave campus for summer recess.  Please go to and follow the instructions for showing proof of private insurance (waive) or to enroll in the university-sponsored plan. 

Have a safe and healthy break.   Joyce Walter, Director of Davison Health Center

Last Call for the Shuttle

Dear student,

By the end of the day today, Wednesday, May 12th, make your reservations for the end-of-the-year Bradley and New Haven shuttles.  As always, the shuttles LEAVE Wesleyan from in front of Usdan.

The cost of the Bradley shuttle is $20 one-way, $40 round trip. You can pay at the Box Office in Usdan with cash, credit, or check.

The shuttles leave Usdan at 5:45 AM and 12 PM on Friday, May 14th and Saturday, May 15th. Each shuttle arrives at the airport one hour after leaving Wesleyan, so please plan accordingly.

 The New Haven Union Station shuttles will leave from Usdan at 10 AM and 2 PM on Friday and Saturday. Cost is $9 each way.

 Good luck on finals, and safe travels,  Ben Firke, Chair, WSA Finance and Facilities Committee

Prizes and Awards Recipients in the Class of 2013 — Congratulations!

Congratulations to the following first-year students for their academic and leadership accomplishments!

Katherine Marcus 2013Ayres Prize:  The gift of Daniel Ayres, Class of 1842, to the first-year student who attains the highest academic standing in the first semester.

James Gardner 2013 — Blankenagel Prize:  From the John C. Blankenagel Fund, established in 1970, awarded at the discretion of the Department of German studies to enrich educational offerings in the area of humanistic studies, or to assist a superior student in completing a project in German studies.

Miriam Kwietniewska 2013Chadbourne Prize:  The gift of George Storrs Chadbourne, Class of 1858, to that member of the first-year class outstanding in character, conduct, and scholarship.

Rebecca Coven 2013, Piers Gelly 2013, Shelley Miller 2013, Marina Reza 2013, Benjamin Soloway 2013Cole Prize:  Established through the gift of George Henry Walker, Class of 1981, in the memory of Charles Edward Cole. Awarded to the first-year student who shows the greatest ability in fiction or nonfiction writing.

Chuqiao Dong 2013, Scott Greene 2013CRC Award:  Awarded to an outstanding first-year chemistry student, based on grades in organic chemistry over the interval of the current academic year.

Joseph O’Donnell 2013First-Year Leadership Award:  Awarded to a first-year student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership or involvement in the Wesleyan community.

Alexa Chiappetta 2013, Hyunjin Cho 2013, Valerie Eldridge 2013Susan Frazer Prize:  Awarded annually to the student (or students) who has done the most distinguished work in the elementary and intermediate French language sequence.

Guy Geyer 2013, Huitao Zhu 2013Johnston Prize:  The gift of David George Downey, Class of 1884, in memory of Professor John Johnston. Awarded to those first-year students or sophomores whose performance in their first two semesters of physics shows exceptional promise.

Chen-chi Chien 2013, Azra Horowitz 2013, Naixi Wang 2013Sherman Prize―MathEstablished by David Sherman, D.D., Class of 1872. Two prizes awarded annually, one for excellence in first-year mathematics and the other for excellence in classics.