Campus Culture: WES Acronyms

92:  92 Theater, right next to Memorial Chapel     Argus:  Wesleyan student newspaper     CFA:  Center for the Arts     COL:  College of Letters     CRC:  Career Resources Center     CSS:  College of Social Studies     DFC:  Daniel Family Commons, 3rd floor Usdan     Drop-Add:  A period of time right after school starts, where you can add new classes or drop unwanted ones     FGSS:  Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program     Fisk:  Building on High Street where most language courses take place     Foss Hill:  The big slope right next to Andrus Field where you sit and chill with friends on a sunny afternoon or slide down in winter     Freeman:  Freeman Athletic Center OR Freeman East Asian Center     Helpdesk:  Part of ITS, people located in Science Center 116 who will save your computer     Hir/Zir: thumbnailCAY6FQQLGender neutral possessive pronoun     IMS:  Instructional Media Services, branch of ITS, all sorts of media-related services on campus, i.e. video-taping events, recording classes, etc.     ITS:  Information Technology Services     MB&B:  Molecular Biology & Biochemistry     MoCon:  McConaughy Hall, round, UFO-shaped building sitting behind Hewitt, former student cafeteria until end of Spring 2007     Neon:  Neon Deli, run by Fran and Cynthia on corner of Cross St. and Vine St., a favorite place if you’re stuck on campus with nothing open and no food supplies     The Nics:  one of the four Nicolson res halls on Foss Hill     OBHS:  Office of Behavioral Health for Students     PAC lab:  Computer lab located on the ground floor of PAC     PAC:  Public Affairs Center, where Economics, History, Government, Sociology & CSS have their department offices     Pi:  Pi-Café, located in Science Center     P-safe:  Public Safety     S&C:  Star & Crescent restaurant located in Alpha Delt     SALD:  Student Activities and Leadership Development, supports students and student groups, another resource for event budgets     SBC:  Student Budget Committee, a WSA committee in charge of allocating the student activities fund that holds weekly meetings so student groups can go and submit budget requests for upcoming events     Science Center (ESC):  Exley Science Center     Sci-Li:  Short for “Science Library,” located in Exley Science Center     SJB:  Student Judicial Board     ST Lab:  24-hour computer lab on ground floor Science Center     Summerfield:  Student dining facility located in the Butterfield courtyard     TEV:  Transfer, Exchange and Visiting students     The Butts: Butterfield res halls     The Market Place:  Student dining area on 2nd floor Usdan     The Ride:  Campus shuttle that runs from 7pm-4am     Usdan:  Campus center     Wesleying:  Wesleyan student-run blog     WesMap:  Online course schedule     WesShop:   Grocery store on campus where you can get anything from toothpaste, oatmeal, microwave food, fresh produce to kitchenware for only points and cash     WestCo:  West College res hall     WesWings:  Restaurant on High Street opposite the Butts, serves chicken wings and other yummy foods, only accepts points and cash     WSA:  Wesleyan Student Assembly     Ze:  Gender neutral pronoun     Zelnick:  Zelnick Pavilion, glass box connecting Memorial Chapel and 92 Theater, exhibitions and events are held there

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