Major Declaration & Open Houses

MAJOR DECLARATION opens on Thursday, February 3.  You’ve done all the hard work already; the actual declaration process is simple.  Find “Major Declaration” in the Wes Career bucket located in your student portfolio, and submit your electronic request to your prospective major department or program.  A pre-major advisor survey will then pop up that asks you for feedback on your current faculty advisor. 

Once you have submitted your major request and the survey, you will get an automated e-mail response from your prospective major with instructions for next steps.  Make sure you check your e-mail for this message.  You may declare a second major at this time as well or any time in the future (within the department/program’s regulations).   When the department or program approves your request, it will appear in the “Major Declaration” application in your portfolio.   You’ve got a major!

All sophomores must declare a major by Friday, March 4. 

Departmental and Program OPEN HOUSES begin on Monday, February 7 and extend through Friday, February 25. The schedule will be posted by the end of the week on the class blog and on the Major Declaration website, .  These open houses are informal and provide the occasion for you to meet the faculty in your prospective major and ask questions.  Take advantage of this opportunity!