Note from Dean Brown: Housing & Pre-registration

Hey Class of 2013,

From meeting with so many of you recently, I know that you are back in the full swing of school after spring break.  There is much to be done as we look toward the end of the semester and next fall (already!).


The housing lottery can generate a good deal of excitement as well as anxiety as you decide where you would like to live and with whom.  Just remember that whether you will be moving solo or with others, this is a small campus and everybody is close by.  Wherever you end up, be open to the opportunity to meet new people and make new friendships.  Since this is your first-time participating in the housing lottery, you may have a ton of questions.  As part of First-Year Focus, Melissa Powers, the associate director of residential life, will be available to answer them all this Thursday, April 1 in Usdan 108 from 7-8 p.m.  Stop by, get an answer, grab a snack!


thumbnailCA66YGAZThe planning period begins on April 1 (no kidding) and closes on April 15; scheduling runs on April 16; and the adjustment period goes from April 19-23.  Make an appointment with your faculty advisor NOW, if you haven’t done so already, and be prepared for your meeting with at least eight different course preferences to discuss.

 Besides keeping in mind the balance between kind of work, days and time across the week, and course diversity, it is a good idea to include a course from a discipline in which you might want to major.  Explore these possible majors-of-interest online by going to and clicking on the appropriate departments to get a better understanding of the major itself and a handle on major requirements.  You do not want the door closed next spring because you did not, for example, get the pre-requisite grades on two courses in PSYC or FILM, fulfill Stage 1 for GOVT, take Drawing I or another gateway course.  In your course planning, keep an eye on these kinds of things.  You also may want to consider taking some of the intro or gateway courses over the summer at Wes’ summer session.

 If you are thinking about studying abroad in your junior year and have an ambitious course agenda or are interested in a more structured major, tentatively sketch out what courses you would need to take over the next six semesters, including while abroad, to complete a potential major.  This should give you a better idea of what is feasible and also what is important to you.  However, just as the opportunity to experience living in another culture is compelling to some, the opportunity to do research on campus, work more closely with Wes faculty, take on campus leadership roles or play varsity sports is as compelling to others.   The point is to begin to think about these things now.  While it may seem a bit early to do so–it’s only your second semester!–you need to take yourselves seriously as student-scholars and plan accordingly.  Thinking ahead can enable you to formulate and realize your goals.

At the same time, keep exploring the curriculum!  You never know when you are going to discover your intellectual passion–or another one.  There is so much to learn at Wes!


As always, check the class blog out at for information about academics, events, announcements, and other information, and come see me if you have any questions or concerns.  My drop-in hours and other contact info are below.

Best, Dean Brown

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