Results: “Have a Heart for Haiti” Dodgeball Tournament

MANY THANKS TO ALL THE TEAMS WHO PARTICIPATED in the “Have a Heart for Haiti” Dodgeball Tournament on Sunday, February 14 in Bacon Field House!  And…

dodgeballCongratulations to team Off Constantly, who won the tournament.  They were one of the 41 teams (of 50 entries) who competed in the competition, beating out a dogged NF in a fierce final play-off.  The feisty NF battled a focused I Remember My First Bear and the tenacious Off Constantly fended off a cagey Mean Girls in an intense semi-final match to make it to the final round.  Earlier in the competition, The Paul Bunyans, Cheddar Schreddarzz, OJAXII and The Buffalo were aggressive challengers. Together, all the teams raised over $600 for Partners in Health’s Haiti Relief fund, after the “last team standing” donated a portion of their one-third winnings to the cause. 

The Valentine’s Prize for Most Creative Team Attire went to the four women’s LAX teams, who were splendid in their dodgeball regalia, although Team Cupid, Broke Down Fools, Almonds and Elephants, and Aesthetic Ballers gave them a real run for the distinction.

REMEMBER who you played, REMEMBER what you wanted, and REMEMBER the good you did by playing. The competition, sponsored by the 2013 Class Council, will be back next year, 2011—same time, same place, same game.  Be there.

Stay tuned for tournament pictures, coming soon to a blog near you.