General Room Selection (GRS)

thumbnailCAH3T14HThe 2010 General Room Selection (GRS) process at Wesleyan University is about to start.  Remember, all undergraduate students are required to live on campus.  Therefore, if you will be a student at Wesleyan University in the fall of 2010, you MUST participate in the GRS process.

 Beginning February 12, 2010 at 12:00 noon you will be able to access the General Room Selection site and explore your housing options for the 2010-2011 academic year.  You enter GRS through your student portfolio by clicking on “Room Selection” under “Student Life at Wesleyan”. 

Please remember two important dates that are rapidly approaching.  All applications for Off Campus Housing are due by 11:59pm on February 21, 2010.  All applications for Program Housing and Community Based Living are due by 11:59pm on February 26, 2010

Rising sophomores:  Interested in living with five of your friends?  New to GRS this year, sophomores will be able to sign up in groups of six and select a cluster of rooms (4 singles and one double), usually referred to as a “Copenhagen”, located at the ends of the hallways in the Butterfields.  Watch for more information about the process, which will take place in late March.

You will be receiving many e-mails from the Office of Residential Life in the next few months as important dates draw near.  Please be sure to read all these emails, as well as the information contained in the GRS site.  You will not receive any hard copies of this information.  If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Residential Life by phone at 860-685-3550 or by e-mail at