“College Guys, Take Note”

As reported in The Hartford Courant, September 24, 2009 by Kathleen Megan:

thumbnailCAXN0OODWomen freshmen were much more likely than their male counterparts to have taken notes in class the previous academic year.  By several measures, women appear to have stronger habits as students than men.  That’s according to a UCLA survey reported online by The Chronicle of Higher Education.  Here is the lowdown: 

  • Took notes in class:  Men, 51%; women, 78%
  • Asked questions in class:  Men, 50%; women, 57%
  • Sought feedback on academic work:  Men, 41%; women, 53%
  • Revised papers to improve writing:  Men, 37%; women, 55%
  • Explored topics on own, even if not required for a class:  Men, 35%; women, 29%