Vote in WSA Elections

Dear Students, Your feedback is very important for all of us students here at Wesleyan to make our university what we all want it to be. As always, your thoughts, complaints, comments, concerns, etc. are welcome at or talk to any of your representatives.

The Winter Elections and Winter Survey are now open at (

Cheers and best of luck going into our last days of Fall semester!

Arya M. Alizadeh ’13, Chair, Elections Committee, Coordinator, WSA

Photos from Argentina and France

Aria Danaparamita--Notre Dame, Paris, France
Aria Danaparamita–Shakespeare and Company Bookstore, Paris, France
Aria Danaparamita–Paris at sunset
Kaya Ceci with Andrew Pfeiffer and Noah Markman-Klein in Mompiche, Esmereldas, Ecuador
Kaya Ceci--La Mitad del Mundo, Ecuador with Noah Markman-Klein, Hannah Lewis, Andrew Pfeiffer and crew
Kaya Ceci--Amazon, Comunidad Secoya, Ecuador
Kaya Ceci & Andrew Pfeiffer in Banos, Ecuador Aria Danaparamita--Notre Dame, Paris, France

Photos from Italy and Japan

Sydney Hausman-Cohen--Lecce in Puglia, Italy


Sydney Hausman-Cohen--Hike between the Cinque Terre, Italy


Sydney Hausman-Cohen--Vicchio in Tuscany, Italy
Lia Monti--Bride in Old Town, Kanazawa, Japan


Lia Monti--The Gold Pavilion (kinkakuji) in Kyoto, Japan
Lia Monti--The Great Buddha, Todaiji Nara, Japan
Lia Monti--Osu Temple in Nagoya, Japan

Photos from Italy and Australia and Three Continents

Ava Bysiewicz Donaldson--Dali Exhibit in Otranto, Italy
Ava Bysiewicz Donaldson--Parmesan cheese factory in Reggio Emilio, Italy
Ava Bysiewicz Donaldson--Rome, Italy
Ava Bysiewicz Donaldson–Venice, Italy
James Dottin--with kangaroo in AustraliaAli Patrick--Tea Plantation in Trivandrum, India (near Munnar)Ali Patrick--Changsha, China
Ali Patrick in Basel, Switzerland
Ali Patrick–city of Trivandrum, India
Ali Patrick--Tea Plantation in Trivandrum, India (near Munnar)
Ali Patrick--Changsha, China

Know Your Academic Rights

Dear Students,

As the last day of classes approaches please take some time to consider your academic rights for Reading Period and Finals.

  • Final exams (meaning comprehensive examinations covering materials from the course of the entire semester) can only be given during the formal exam period.
  • In courses without a registrar-scheduled final examination, significant assignments such as final take-home exams, semester-long projects, and term papers must be due no sooner than the first day, and no later than the last day, of the exam period and preferably at the time slot reserved for the registrar-scheduled examination.  
  • Student organizations should not schedule retreats, programs or meetings that require student attendance during Reading Period.
  • Departmental, program, and college activities that require student participation should not be held during Reading Period, with the exception of oral and written examinations covered by alternative exam calendars.
  • If a student has three or more final examinations on one day, the student may request a rescheduled examination from one instructor.

For the full-written regulations for finals and reading period as well as other academic policies of the University please click here.If you do not feel comfortable speaking directly to your instructor about any concerns you have about your academic rights, please contact your Class Dean.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about Final Exams, Reading Period or other academic issues, please feel free to contact the WSA’s Academic Affairs Committee Chair or speak to any of your Academic Affairs Committee representatives.

Mari Jarris ’14, Chair ( ), Aubrey Hamilton ’12 Vice-Chair ( ), Nandita Vijayaraghavan ’13
Representative ( ), Christian Hosam ’15
Representative ( ), Sisi Miteva ’15 Representative ( )

Good luck and have a wonderful December and January! -The Academic Affairs Committee 

Useful Academic Links:  Academic Calendar 2011-2012 Year   Fall Semester 2011 Exam Schedule  Student Disability Services   Unofficial GPA Calculator

Prof-It — Check it out today, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Dear Students,  

The Wesleyan Student Assembly is pleased to announce Prof-it, a professor review website exclusively for Wesleyan students.  Stop by Usdan 108 today, December 5, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. to review your professors, ask questions, and get free Thai food!  In the meantime, check it out at to write and read reviews of professors and courses.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me at

Best, Mari Jarris ’14, Academic Affairs Committee Chair, Wesleyan Student Assembly

Green Fund Application

Hi students,

Just wanted to remind you all that the fall semester application deadline for Green Fund proposals is Friday December 9th at 9pm. The application can be found at

If you have any questions about the application process or the Green Fund in general feel free to contact me.

Good luck with finals and the end of the semester,

Evan Weber, Green Fund Committee Chair,

Apps for WSA Rep due by 6 p.m. Sunday

Dear Students

This a reminder that if you want to run to be on the WSA next semester, you must submit the signed elections petition and 150 word candidate statement by 6 PM this coming Sunday. Petitions should be submitted to the office and the candidate statement should be emailed to

Elections will open next week, Monday through Friday and all students can vote. Encourage your friends who are abroad to vote too!

Thanks and wish you the best of luck on finals,

Arya M Alizadeh, Chair, Elections Committee Coordinator, WSA

Last Day to Withdraw from Classes

Today–Friday, December 2 by 5 p.m.–is the last day to withdraw from first semester courses.  You need the signature of your instructor, faculty advisor and class dean in order to submit your withdrawal form to the Registrar’s Office.

On Campus During Break and Pull-in Forms

Break Reminder:
If you do not live in a wood frame house and need to stay for winter break, you must complete the winter break housing application on our website at: by Thursday, December 1, 2011 by 4:30 p.m.  ** Program houses are not considered wood frame houses**
** Athletes will receive information from athletics about winter break arrangements and do not need to apply.
***International students with questions regarding winter break should contact Janice Watson at

Students will be notified of their winter break status on December 9, 2011 via email.

Pull-in Forms:
Completed pull-in forms must be submitted to the Office of Residential Life by Thursday, December 7, 2011 by 4:30 p.m.  The pull-in form is available on our website at: (new form)

If you are being pulled in and are unsure that someone submitted a form for you, please contact the person who is pulling you in for confirmation.

We will not be making exceptions for late pull-in or winter break housing applications.

If you have any questions, please email or call our office at x-3550