Time Stands Still: Notation in Musical Practice — April 3-6

Time Stands Still: Notation in Musical Practice

Wesleyan University, April 3-6, 2013

This festival-conference combines talks, workshops, discussions, and performances to explore innovative notation in the 21st century. Featured composers in attendance: Mark Applebaum, Pauline Oliveros, Michael Parsons, Christian Wolff, and Wesleyan composers Anthony Braxton, Ronald Kuivila, and Paula Matthusen. The Vocal Constructivists, a London-based choral group directed by Jane Alden, is the ensemble-in-residence. Other featured composers: Caroline Lucas, Juraj Kojs, Ross Feller, Will Redman, Andrew Greenwald, Adam Tinkle, Jacob Barton, Brian Robison, and An Exciting Event. 

For the full calendar of events and registration, see https://notation.conference.wesleyan.edu