Summer Session Info Session– 12:15 p.m. 2/7

Summer Session Information Sessions

12:15-1:00pm, Tuesday February 7, Usdan 136

with cupcakes from a local Middletown bakery!


Summer Session is a great opportunity to take summer courses and still have two months of time for other summer projects.  Students can get ahead in order to prepare in advance for a challenging semester when they’ll be playing a sport or participating in a performance.  Students can take summer courses and receive both a grade and a credit.  Transfer students may need additional classes to graduate on time.  

Wesleyan Summer Session allows students to accomplish these goals and more with full-semester courses compressed into only 5 weeks. They’ll build close relationships with faculty and students in small classes, and enjoy immersive study and concentrated focus. If they can find a willing faculty member, students may also be able to do an individual tutorial for credit. 

The session runs from May 30 to June 29, and registration opens in less than two weeks, on February 14.