“The Poojari’s Daughter,” film by Prof. Goslinga — today, Nov. 10, 5 p.m.

The Department of Religion, in concert with the Department of Anthropology, is pleased to announce the campus film premiere of “The Poojari’s Daughter” an ethnographic film by Anthropology faculty member Gillian Goslinga .

Using experimental film techniques that recall the work of Trinh Minh Ha, The Poojari’s Daughter weaves dramatic footage of a South Indian temple goat sacrifice with the moving narration of the priestess Rajathiamma who performs the ritual. The film also includes interviews with Rajathiamma’s family and brief narrations by the film maker. Together, these create a vivid and unforgettably intimate portrait of the devotional worlds of South Indian Hinduism and a remarkable woman priest. 

Following the film, Professor Goslinga will offer food for thought through a discussion of the film, after which a small reception will provide more corporeal forms of food: specifically, South Indian food and beverages.

Please join us–Today,  November 10th, 5-7 pm, Powell Family Cinema, Center for Film Studies