SJB Advisors

The judicial process can be daunting to navigate in the best of times, but when you have been charged with violating the Code of Non-Academic Conduct it can be particularly stressful.  You do not have to go through this experience without support.  There are many members of our community who have been trained as process advisors.  These people have an in depth understanding of the judicial process and can help you prepare for a hearing and put your best foot forward.   

The members of the Student Judicial Board would also like to provide support for you and be available to answer any questions you might have about the CNAC and/or the judicial process.  Each week, one SJB member will hold office hours and will be available to answer questions about a particular incident you may be involved in or to answer questions you may have about the hearing process.  This support is designed to provide general support for students who have been accused of violating the CNAC or may want more in depth knowledge of the process from the students who are trained and have responsibility to hear judicial cases.


The office hours will change each week, so you should check the Student Affairs web site, for the available times.  Please contact the dean of student’s office with any questions.


Sincerely, The Dean of Student’s office and the Student Judicial Board