Finally…Dodgeball Tourney Fundraiser Photos

MANY THANKS to the 39 teams from across all class years who came out to raise funds for relief efforts in Pakistan and Japan on April 3!   Thanks also to the teams who did not show but contributed their registration fee for these worthy causes. And thanks to the 2013 Class Council for their good work!

After numerous rounds, We Do Sports defeated defending champs, Off Constantly, in the battle for the final victory and one-third of the proceeds.   Kee Kumbas and Dodgeball Jesus put up a challenging fight against them in the Final Four.    

Many teams stayed to compete in the consolation rounds, and the consolation prize went to Team Gang Bang after a fierce contest against Kurt Lyn.   Rematches are already in the works for next year!! 

Mean Girls was the winner of “Most Creative Team Attire,” and shared portions of their award with The Super Dodge Bros.

Below are pics of 31 of the participating teams.