Callers Needed for Newly Admitted Students in the Class of 2015! 3/27 and on — woo hoo!

On Friday, students who applied to Wesleyan will learn of their decisions online.  Next week, the Office of Admission will be holding its annual telethons  to reach  admitted students all over the country  and try to help them choose Wes!  We need volunteers to congratulate these students and encourage them to visit during WESFEST and other times in April.  This is a great opportunity to come and talk to students from your area of the country  (or anywhere!) , and/or those that have similar interests as you, about Wes.  The telethons will take place at the Office of Admission on:

Sunday, March 27 (3 – 6pm)   Monday, March 28 (5:30 – 9pm)    Tuesday, March 29 (5:30 – 9pm)   Wednesday, March 30 (5:30 – 9pm)   Thursday, March 31 (5:30 – 9pm)  

If you are interested in helping admitted students to choose Wes and encourage them to visit campus, please support this effort!  You are not required to stay the duration of the telethon, but please just come when you can and bring friends along to help. 

Best of all the Office of Admission will provide free food (PIZZA!) if enough people show up (6+).

Come on out and play an important role in building the class of 2015.  If you have any questions and/or you are able to participate please send an email to Tara Lindros,  Indicate the night you will be able to attend, or stop by the Office of Admission and sign up at the front desk.  Thanks!