Musical Madness III: A Competition Between The Classes

Best in Class – Class of 2013:
Emma D. and Mel H.: “Someone Like You” (Adele)

Emma Daniels ’13, Melanie Hsu ’13

Lou and the Blues: “The Class Year Blues” (original)
Louise Brown, Barry Chernoff, Paul Horton, Sarah Lazare, David Phillips, Michael Roth

Everyone’s Tall: “My Network” (original)
Taylor Morales ’13, Leah Temes ’13

Elizabeth Reagan ’13: “Angel” (McLachlan)

Rug Smell: “I’m Building a Rocket” (original)
Ashlin Aronin ’13, Gabe Castanon ’13, Neo Sora ’13

Blues by Two Jews: Sweet Virginia/Champagne & Reefer (Waters)
Alex Speiser ’13, Sam Walker ’13

Enobong Etteh 13: “You Raise Me Up” (Lovland&Graham)

Zack & Julia: “Love It or Leave It/Revolving Door” (original)
Julia Mark ’13, Zack Sulsky ’13

Diverse Sounds: “Don’t Worry” (McFerrin)/Girl Put Your Record On (Bailey Rae)
Genelle Faulkner ’13, Stephanie Huezo ’13, Hahnsol Park ’13