Major Tips #3

While you do not need to get too worried about the connection between your major and your career, you also do not need to get too worried that the career you think you want now will keep you tied to that path forever.  Do you know that people go through an average of 4-5 different jobs  in their lifetime?   It’s important to know that what you do after you graduate from Wesleyan is not necessarily what you will be doing  five, ten or even twenty years later. 

So what might you end up doing?  Go to the CRC to check out the possibilities.   First, get familiar with what kinds of information they have to offer you and then begin to check out the kinds of positions that are available in the different fields.  There are jobs people are doing—making a decent living from AND enjoying—that you haven’t even heard of.  With the rapid transformation in technology today, there will be jobs when you graduate that do not even exist now.  You can always think about creating your own.  Dream away!

And check out the “Choosing a Major” workshop with CRC sophomore liaison, Jim Kubat, at noon, Usdan 110–today.