Celebrating Students 2013: SALD Awards to 2013’ers!

The Student Activities and Leadership Development Awards recognize students’ contributions to the Wesleyan community across a variety of activities. 

CONGRATULATIONS to the following first-year recipients!

Student Organization of the Year Award “recognizes a student organization that has excelled in sustaining leadership, an active membership and programmatic efforts that contribute to the larger Wesleyan Community.” 

2013 Class Council

members  (l to r):  Michael Zazzaro, Gladys Sosa, Patrick Chiarawongse, Rebecca Coven, Katie Schad, Lan Chi Le, Lily Kaplan, Ural Grant, Leah Koenig, Bing Wu     Not Present:  Emily Berman, Sydney Hausman-Cohen, Adam Rashkoff, Vivianne Swerdlow, Lily Voravong


First-year Student Leadership Award is ”presented to a student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership or involvement in the Wesleyan community.”

Joseph O’Donnell 


Mosaic Award “recognizes the contribution(s) of a student organization that has raised campus awareness through educational initiatives on issues of identity, culture and social justice.”  

Wesleyan Students for Disability Rights–Lucas San Juan, a first-year member