Feet to the Fire Video: Remember the Common Moment?

We wanted to share a video with you that summarizes Feet to the Fire: Exploring Global Climate Change from Science to Art, our eighteen month campus-wide exploration of climate change using the arts as a catalyst. The project was developed by the Center for the Arts and the Environmental Studies Program in collaboration with faculty, students and community leaders. Feet to the Fire more than confirmed our initial perspectives that not only do the arts and sciences illuminate each other, but also that the arts deepen our experience and comprehension of topics of urgent societal concern.

We send it to you on the occasion of Earth Day 2010, and as a reminder of what is quintessentially Wesleyan: our students and faculty’s capacity to think and act beyond disciplinary boundaries to create original works of art that both educate and inspire.

For more information and to view the video, please click here.

Please come to Wesleyan’s 2010 Earth Day Celebration on April 22, 2010 at 8 p.m. in the CFA Hall and see the world premiere of the full documentary, Connections Within a Fragile World, by Paul Horton. Click here for more information.

Barry Chernoff, Director, College of the Environment, and Pamela Tatge, Director, Center for the Arts