“Stem Cells on the Brain” Lecture — Wed., Feb. 10


The lecture by Laura Grabel on stem cell research, sponsored by the Connecticut Academy of Arts & Sciences and the German Studies Department and scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb. 10), has been postponed until Thursday, February 25 because of the threat of dire weather.

Once again we invite you to the annual lecture at Wesleyan sponsored by the Connecticut Academy of Arts & Sciences: and the Department of German Studies.  This is the 1402nd meeting of the Connecticut Academy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010, 5:15 p.m.

Wesleyan University, Usdan University Center, Room 108
Stem Cells on the Brain: from Politics to Therapies

A Lecture by Laura Grabel, Lauren Dachs Professor of Science in Society, Department of Biology

stem cellsStem cell research continues to be controversial and influenced by political constraints. Professor Grabel will consider its promise as well as recent scientific and public policy advances, including public funding in the Obama era.  She will also talk about the work in her laboratory focusing on understanding the conditions that promote embryonic stem cell differentiation into neurons, both in a culture dish and in the brains of mouse models of epilepsy.

A reception will follow the lecture.