Free Destinta Movie for 2013’ers

Free Destinta Movie for First Year Students

Wednesday, January 20 — 11:00 a.m. first to final showing at 10:35 p.m.thumbnailCALMOXKG

Show your 2013 Wes I.D. at the Destinta ticket counter. If students choose to see Avatar in 3D, there will be a charge of $3.00 to obtain the special glasses needed.

As a special welcome back program, Student Services and the University Center Activities Board (UCAB) have arranged for first year students to see one free movie on 1/20.  Students need to show their 2013 I.D. to gain free admission to the movie of their choice.  Students can use this privilege at any one show time on 1/20.

All Student ORL Staff will also be allowed free admission to one movie on 1/20.  Staff members need to show their I.D. so they can be checked off a list that will be provided for Destinta Theater.