The First-Year “15”

thumbnailCA33X7KEMost have heard of the weight gain or loss phenomenon that we call the “First-Year 15.” While not all college students will experience a change in their weight, up or down, there are several contributing factors that may increase the potential for it. 

Studies show that the cause of weight gain is not isolated to just increased food intake. Significant changes in what foods are consumed, exercise and sleep patterns, and stress levels contribute as well. The inverse is also true for weight loss. Think about your patterns as a new student here at Wesleyan, and compare them to your patterns before college.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you making the time to eat regular meals?
  • Do you start the day off with breakfast?
  • When you get stressed do you snack more or eat less?
  • Are you eating proper portion sizes for your body’s needs?
  • Do you get enough sleep?
  • Do you eat while you study?
  • Are you getting 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week?

A change in environment can cause stress, but it doesn’t have to affect your health. If you want to do some research on nutrition, check out the Bon Appétit website available to you at  Click on the Well Being tab at the top of the page, and explore the information that is offered to you as a student.  

WesWELL, the Office of Health Education, also offers a wide range of health information on their website under Wellness A to Z. Health Services also has a registered dietician available for nutritional counseling; call 860.685.2470 to schedule your appointment.  

Contact Lisa Currie, director of WesWELL, at 860.685.2466.