Severe Intoxication Panels

If a friend of yours experiences severe intoxication, this places them at high risk for alcohol overdose/poisoning and the resulting medical problems. 

thumbnailCA2KQXR2The Office of Public Safety, in conjunction with WesWell, the Dean of Students Office, and Res Life will be holding four Severe Intoxication Panels designed to help students understand the best course of action to take for a friend who cannot make an informed decision due to impairment.  The representatives on the panel will speak about the issues from their perspective.  The panel discussion will give you a chance to have questions about alcohol policies and procedures answered.  You will learn what the signs of severe intoxication are, what Public Safety will do when responding to a call for help, what the Dean of Students Office will do when a student is referred to them after being treated for intoxication, and more.   The panels will be held on the following dates and times: 

Tuesday  September 15th @ 7:30pm in the Fauver Residence Hall lounge

Tuesday  September 22nd @ 7:30pm in the Butterfield B lounge

Tuesday  September 29th @ 7:30pm in the Clark Hall lounge

Tuesday  October 6th @ 7:30pm in the 200 Church Street lounge

We would look forward to seeing you and speaking with you about this very important issue.   Lt. Paul Verrillo, Wesleyan Public Safety