New Course!

CHEM 180:  Writing about Science

Course Course Description:  A writing intensive course open to both science and non-science  students interested in investigating and  writing about the content,  process  and human elements of science and nature in the various genres found current newspapers, magazines, scientific journals, monographs and scientific biographies.  The structures characteristic of each these forms will be critically considered, based on examples of each from the current literature.  Both practical matters in learning the craft of science writing as well as a consideration of special topics chosen on the basis of general relevance to science literacy will be included. Students will undertake a series of six writing assignments of progressively increasing length,   leading to a term paper in the form of a full article of the type found in Omni, Discover, or Natural History.   Students will be expected to pitch their proposed writing projects, read from their work in progress and contribute short responses to class topics on a weekly basis to a class blog.  The choice of topics for writing assignments will be tailored to individual student interests.  The WAS class will function both as a source of original writing and as an editorial board for the production of a new issue of Synthesis, Wesleyan’s webzine of science and nature writing.   This course fulfills an NSM expectation in General Education.

Instructor:  Prof. David L. Beveridge, Chemistry;  TA:  Oriana Korol ’09, Ford Fellow, Writing Center                          Course meets:  Tu & Th 2:40-4 p.m., NSM Conference Room, Science Towers