Religious and Spiritual Life on Campus

As the religious and spiritual advisors for students on campus, we would like to welcome you to Wesleyan.   

Spiritual life at Wesleyan is shaped by the wide range and depth of students’ questions and interests. Each of us five thumbnailca5y9ny9Chaplains/Advisors sponsors a weekly service.  All students are welcome and encouraged to attend any and all of these services, for which students assume many of the responsibilities of planning and leading.  The Chaplains also work together to sponsor multi-faith programming through the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (ORSL).

Students initiate and design many of the other religious and spiritual activities on campus through such organizations as the All-Campus Contemporary Gospel Worship, Wesleyan Jewish Community, Catholic Student Organization, Wesleyan Christian Fellowship, Muslim Student Association, Buddhist House, as well as many others.

In our role as Chaplains, we also serve as counselors, available to students to discuss personal, religious, social, academic, and vocational matters.  Our offices are located at 169 High Street (near Church St.) on the second floor.  A lounge is available for group meetings and quiet study.  Feel free to stop by, and for more information, see .

Blessings,  Pastor Joan, Rabbi David, Sister Marwa, Father Hal, Advisor Jeff