Peer Advisors

pasfa03Dean Sarah blogging here! I supervise the SARN peer advisors. Here is what one student thought about the peer advisors and they helped her succeed during her first year at Wesleyan:

The SARN Peer Advisors are the single most helpful academic resource we have on campus. Peer advisors have advice for their students about anything study-related; a few I can think of right now are reading habits, [and] note taking…. My peer advisor helped me shape my notebook to be neater and easier for organization, [and] taught me how to read an extensive amount while retaining the information…. I have adopted several strategies from my sessions with my peer advisor: I started using the Cornell method for note taking and I have consulted the Writer’s Workshop as per her advice. In short, my peer advisor has been a tremendous help to me and my grades.

Peer advisors can show you how to stay on track and prioritize your activities so that you can enjoy and complete your coursework while making sure you participate in co-curricular activities, too! Check them out at the Peer Advisor, a blog written by peer advisors to help address your questions about coming to Wesleyan.