Taking Care of Yourself

Check out the latest and greatest online health promotion tools available from Health Services and WesWELL, the Office of Health Education. The Self Care Guide allows you to make informed choices about your health care, including information on how to prevent and treat various health concerns. Created by the American Institute for Preventative Medicine, it’s chock full of good information on being healthier. e-CHUG (Electronic Check-Up to Go) is a brief assessment tool that provides feedback on alcohol consumption and drinking patterns. Learn how to make small changes that can make a big difference!

Check out these tools today or any day…both are always linked from the Health Services and WesWELL websites. (Note: While you are required to enter your Wes email username and password to access both these sites, it’s anonymous browsing Your username is in no way connected to the information you enter into or gather from either site.)

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