Peer Advisor Blog

The Peer Advisor blog is a student-authored publication that provides news and information about academic and co-curricular life at Wesleyan.  A service of the Student Academic Resources Network, the blog is a place where new students can get answers to questions before arriving on campus. Current posts cover topics such as What’s an FYI? and What are Essential Capabilities.  Future posts will discuss topics such as how to unpack the Summer Registration Form, how to read a WesMaps course catalog page, how to work with your Faculty Advisor, and life beyond the classroom.

The Peer Advisor blog is maintained by peer advisors (upperclass students with expertise in navigating the “Wesleyan system”) and is available at Anyone can browse the blog, but only authenticated members of the Wesleyan community may post comments.  If you will be posting comments (which requires login using your Wesleyan username and password) please be aware that there is bug in the blog software that may cause an error the first time you try to login. If this happens, just click on your browser’s Back button to login again and you should be OK.

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