Fall ’11 Study Abroad Photos — India

Leah Koenig--Woman in Chennai, India
Leah Koenig–Taj Mahal in Agra, India
Leah Koenig–Shiva Statue on the Ganga, Rishikesh, India
Leah Koenig–Pundit in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India during the annual camel festival
Leah Koenig–Pilgrims taking their holy bath in the Ganga in Varanasi, India
Leah Koenig–India Gate in New Delhi, India
Leah Koenig–Beach Sunset in Goa, India

Photos from Western Europe and from the Mid-East

Ilana Bondell--View from Retiro Park, Madrid, Spain
Ilana Bondell–Education Protest in Retiro, Madrid, Spain
Ilana Bondell–Ferris Wheel next to Jardin de Tuileries, Paris, France
Ilana Bondell–with Faye Phillips in Paris, France
Ilana Bondell–Chocolates in Brussels, Belgium
Greg Shaheen–The Monastery, ancient capital of the Nabataeans, Petra, Jordan
Greg Shaheen–The Great Mosque, Nablus, Occupied Palestine
Greg Shaheen–Alternative Tent City, Levinsky Park, Tel Aviv, Israel
Greg Shaheen--Pigeon Rocks, Rouce, Beirut, Lebanon

Photos from Argentina and France

Aria Danaparamita--Notre Dame, Paris, France
Aria Danaparamita–Shakespeare and Company Bookstore, Paris, France
Aria Danaparamita–Paris at sunset
Kaya Ceci with Andrew Pfeiffer and Noah Markman-Klein in Mompiche, Esmereldas, Ecuador
Kaya Ceci--La Mitad del Mundo, Ecuador with Noah Markman-Klein, Hannah Lewis, Andrew Pfeiffer and crew
Kaya Ceci--Amazon, Comunidad Secoya, Ecuador
Kaya Ceci & Andrew Pfeiffer in Banos, Ecuador Aria Danaparamita--Notre Dame, Paris, France

Photos from Italy and Japan

Sydney Hausman-Cohen--Lecce in Puglia, Italy


Sydney Hausman-Cohen--Hike between the Cinque Terre, Italy


Sydney Hausman-Cohen--Vicchio in Tuscany, Italy
Lia Monti--Bride in Old Town, Kanazawa, Japan


Lia Monti--The Gold Pavilion (kinkakuji) in Kyoto, Japan
Lia Monti--The Great Buddha, Todaiji Nara, Japan
Lia Monti--Osu Temple in Nagoya, Japan

Photos from Italy and Australia and Three Continents

Ava Bysiewicz Donaldson--Dali Exhibit in Otranto, Italy
Ava Bysiewicz Donaldson--Parmesan cheese factory in Reggio Emilio, Italy
Ava Bysiewicz Donaldson--Rome, Italy
Ava Bysiewicz Donaldson–Venice, Italy
James Dottin--with kangaroo in AustraliaAli Patrick--Tea Plantation in Trivandrum, India (near Munnar)Ali Patrick--Changsha, China
Ali Patrick in Basel, Switzerland
Ali Patrick–city of Trivandrum, India
Ali Patrick--Tea Plantation in Trivandrum, India (near Munnar)
Ali Patrick--Changsha, China

Photos from Argentina and Jordan

Julia Black--Flying over the Andes en route to Santiago, Chile


Julia Black--Buenos Aires, Argentina with Katya Botwinick, Natalie Fine and Cordelia Hyland


Julia Black--Jumping over the Salt Flats in Jujuy, Argentina with Katya Botwinick


Amy Davis--Riding camels in Wadi Rum, Jordan
Amy Davis--Hiking in Dana Nature Reserve, Jordan
Amy Davis--Fresh pomegranates for lunch in Awsara Village, Jordan


Many thanks to all those who participated in Musical Madness III.  It was awesome and a lot of fun with some great performances.  Of the fourteen entries, eight were from the Class of 2013.  (woo hoo!)  Congrats to Emma Daniels and Melanie Hsu for Best in Class this year!  Check out all the 2013 performances in the post below.  Thanks goes to Dean Garrett for the videos and to Mike Nakhla ’13 for the photo of Enobong Etteh ’13.