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By Peer Advisor, Jelisa Adair from http://peeradvisor.blogs.wesleyan.edu/ I think I can speak for quite a few people when I say this has been a hard semester. I myself can say quite honestly that after the October Break/Blackout fiasco, I lost a whole lot of my drive. However this is not the time to let the […]

EXAM TAKING WORKSHOP And again, you’re never too old to get a little help from friends about strategies for exam-taking and stress reduction Sunday, October 9  — 7-8 p.m. Usdan 136

EXAM PREPARATION Hey, it’s never too late to learn about how to better organize, study and practice for exams Monday, October 3 — 9:30-10:30 p.m Allbritton 004

The Deans’ Office Peer Tutoring Program is available to any student experiencing difficulty with content and material in his/her course(s).  This program is not a substitute for TA sessions, Math Workshop, Writing Workshop, or visiting your professors’ office hours.  Nor is it a source of language/conversation partnership.  If you are having difficulty understanding course content […]

Check out the Exam Taking Workshop for strategies and way to reduce stress during exams! Sunday, April 24 8-9 p.m. Fauver Res Hall Lounge

Check out the Peer Advisor Time and Stress Management Workshop for how to organize and prioritze work while keeping stress to a minimum. The workshop includes massage tips from the Peer Health Advocates! Sunday, April 17 8-9 p.m. Butterfield C Lounge

Check out the Exam Prep Workshop for tips about how to organize, study and practice for exams! Sunday, April 3   8-9 p.m.   Fauver Res Hall Lounge

BE A SARN PEER ADVISOR! Blog to new students ove rthe summer, blog about being a student! Help new students plan their academic schedules and work with their advisors during the Orientation week Act as a resource during course registration and major declaration Learn effecive strategies for time management, reading retention, public speaking, test and […]

Check out the Time Management Workshop to organize and prioritize your work and other activities in the fourth quarter! Sunday, March 27 8-9 p.m. Clark Lounge

Liz Reyer, a contributing writer to the Hartford Courant, says in a Q&A (9/28/10) that practice is the key to being a good public speaker:  “Know your goals as a speaker,  prepare, get feedback, and practice, practice, practice! ” She says to “[s]tart by envisioning what success would look like.  If you were in the audience, […]

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