Last Minute Research Assistance!


Omigod the semester’s almost over and I haven’t even started on any of my papers!!! 
Okay, take a deep breath, don’t panic. I think I remember something about librarians being available to help me find resources for writing my papers and preparing my presentations. Now, what was it I heard about that? Oh yes, they offer something they call Personal Research Sessions. All I have to do is go to (or just look for it on the library’s home page at in the Help box). Then I fill out the form to tell them who I am, what I’m working on, and when I’m available to meet with a librarian. Then a subject specialist will contact me to set up a meeting, and show me lots of great resources for getting everything I need to write my papers, and even how to use interlibrary loan to get things the library doesn’t own. And if I have waited until too late in the semester to rely on interlibrary loan, they can help me find things already in the library that I might have overlooked. Ah, I can breathe again! 

– Kendall Hobbs, Library Instruction Coordinator (khobbs, x3962)