Reading Period and Final Exams

Dear Students,

As the last day of classes approaches please take some time to consider your academic rights for Reading Period (Saturday December 11th to 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday December 14th) and Finals (Tuesday December 14th at 7:00 p.m. to Saturday December 18th).

Final exams (meaning comprehensive examinations covering materials from the course of the entire semester) can only be given during the formal exam period. In courses without a registrar-scheduled final examination, significant final assignments such as final take-home exams, semester-long projects, and term papers must be due no sooner than the first day, and no later than the last day, of the exam period in which the registrar-scheduled exam would have occurred. 

Student organizations should not schedule retreats, programs or meetings that require student attendance during Reading Period. Departmental, program, and college activities that require student participation should not be held during Reading Period, with the exception of oral and written examinations covered by alternative exam calendars.  If a student has three or more final examinations on one day or four exams over two days, the student may request a rescheduled examination from one instructor.

For the full-written regulations for finals and reading period as well as other academic policies of the University please click here.

If you do not feel comfortable speaking directly to your instructor about any concerns you have about your academic rights, please contact your Class Dean.

Dean for the Class of 2014 – Marina Melendez ( ); Dean for the Class of 2013 – Louise S. Brown ( ); Dean for the Class of 2012 – David Phillips ( ); Dean for the Class of 2011 – Noel Garrett ( )

If you have any additional concerns or questions about exams, reading week or other academic issues please feel free to contact the WSA’s Academic Affairs Committee Chair or speak to any of your Academic Affairs Committee representatives.

Arya M. Alizadeh ’13, Chair ( ); Mari Jarris ’14, Vice-Chair ( ); Andrew Trexler ’14, Representative ( ); Stuart Pasch ’14, Representative ( )

Good luck and have a wonderful December and January!
-The Academic Affairs Committee

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