Job: Red & Black Calling Society


Looking for a job…   – Apply to the Red and Black Calling Society!

Red and Black Callers have potentially the highest paid job on campus, including a huge variety of bonuses/incentives/commission!  Callers also get invited to special events on and off campus with trustees and prominent alumni.

  • Learn valuable fundraising experience for a non-profit
  • Help raise money to fund the many activities and projects happening on our campus!
  • Put your enthusiasm for Wes and love of people to use! 
  • Be part of a competitive team that will contact parents and alumni
  • Practice crucial communication skills
  • Establish resume builders as you learn our brand-new software
  • Help alumni establish life-long relationships with Wes
  • Highly sought after job on campus, with very limited positions left!
  • Work-Study AND Non-Work-Study applicants are eligible

NEED MORE INFORMATION?  Come to one of the three Info Sessions:

1) Sunday September 12, 2010 from 7 to 8pm in Usdan 108

2) Monday September 13, 2010 from 8 to 9pm in Usdan 110

3) Tuesday September 14, 2010 from 8 to 9pm in Usdan 110

**Resumes and cover letters are required as we will have many applicants.  No expertise is necessary, but good oral communication is critical.

For further information, please contact:  Jeff Breau, Head Manager: or Dan Bloom, Program Director:

Thanks to the OLs and RAs/HMs

Many thanks to all the sophomore Orientation Leaders and Residential Life staff who helped to make New Student Orientation such a success! 

The ResLife staff includes sophomores Malik Ben-Salahuddin, Claire Choi, Ethan Cohen, Amara Davila, Phabinly Gabriel, Taylor Harbison, Sydney Hausman-Cohen, Hira Jafri, Bryce Hollingsworth, Allison Kalt, Bertram Lim, Christian McLaren, Abraham Ngu, Yuki Ohmori, Daniel Packard, Jiovani Robles, George Russell, Pat Salazar, Eric Stephen, Isaiah Sypher, and Howard Tobochnik.

The Orientation Leaders in 2013 are Francis Chien, Genelle Faulkner, Ethan Grund, Corey Guilmette, Shinekwa Kershaw, Lina Mamut, Ague Ortega, Caitlin Palmer, Jessica Samuel, Gavin Swee, Reese Sy, Afi Tettey-Fio, Nandita Vijayaraghavan, Nathan Wang and Bing Wu.

Thanks also to all those sophomores who helped on move-in day. 

The week would not have been as successful were it not for the hard work and energy of all!

Film Screening: Kubrick’s Paths of Glory


From the Friends of Wesleyan Library,


Screening: Stanley Kubrick’s “Paths of Glory” (1957)

Thursday September 9, 2010 – 8 pm, Goldsmith Family Cinema

The futility and irony of the war in the trenches in WWI is shown as a unit commander in the French army must deal with the mutiny of his men and a glory-seeking general after part of his force falls back under fire in an impossible attack.” (

This screening is part of “The Adaptation Series” a collaboration between The Friends of the Wesleyan Library and the Center for Film Studies exploring the translation of literary texts to the screen.  The film will be preceded by brief introductory remarks by Erhard Konerding, Government Documents Librarian, and Marc Longenecker ’03, Programming and Technical Manager, on WWI and Kubrick’s visualization of Humphrey Cobb’s novel.

 For more information, visit or email

Moving In

For those of you moving in tomorrow, Saturday, think about what it was like at this time last year.  What a difference a year makes!  I was talking with a sophomore yesterday who said how excited she was to get back to Wes and how great it felt to be returning to a familiar place.  Pretty cool.

Good luck with move-in and welcome back!  I look forward to a great year!

HIST210: American Jewish History

History 210:  American Jewish History, 1492-2001   

Prof. Ron Schatz,  Mon. & Wed. 2:40-4 p.m.

This course considers the successive waves of Jewish immigrants who have come to colonies in North America and the United States, how they and their descendants have fared, and their role in the larger society.  Among the issues we’ll look at are these: the reasons for migration; philo-Semitic and anti-Semitic of Gentiles; where Jews settled, why, and their role in the economy; the rise of Reform Judaism and the Orthodox response; cultural clashes between German and East European Jews;  participation in political movements, including socialism, Zionism, civil rights, feminism, and neo-conservatism; responses to Czarist Russia, the Balfour Declaration, Nazi Germany, and Israel; distinctive cultural contributions to genres ranging from music and novels to sports, comics, and film; and changing family and social practices.!wesmaps_page.html?crse=011417&term=1109


Welcome Sophomore Transfers! 

We are so glad that you are joining the Class of 2013!