New Course: Prison Theater Outreach Course

How many classes have changed your life? 

How many classes have let you change someone else’s?

The class demonstrated the power and life of theater. Through visits to different community centers I witnessed the way in which theater goes from text to touching the lives of people- from the old to the young”  – Joelle Minott, ’09

Prison Outreach Through Theater  (Thea 205)

Taught by Professor of Theatre, Dr. Ron Jenkins

Offered in Fall 2010 Wednesdays from 1:10-4:00 &  Tuesdays from 1:10 to 4:00

Students will have the opportunity to put social activism into practice by working with incarcerated women on the writings of Shakespeare, Dante, and other writers. Readings will include Shakespeare Behind Bars by Jean Trounstine and Theater of the Oppressed by Agosto Boal, the Brazilian actor/activist who has pioneered techniques advocating theater as a force for social change. Students need no theatrical experience but can use whatever artistic interests they possess (acting, puppetry, drawing, writing, story-telling, vocal and instrumental music)

There are no prerequisites for this course, and non-Theatre majors are encouraged to join! Anyone with an interest in bettering the community,

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